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  1. I haven't bothered getting the voice activation fixed, just stopped using it. Ever since i stopped, no issues with echo for other person. Just have to use favourites or contacts thru phone book. I've advised Lexus because i'm sure it's a common issue, and its very frustrating. Be interested to hear if anyone has had it fixed rather than working around it.
  2. Ok great! Glad i could help. I haven't been back to Lexus yet to tell them. I've got to say it was driving me insane every time someone complained about the echo, especially as i need my car for business. Let me know if you get Lexus to fix the voice activation button, cheers.
  3. Finally resolved it. After changing phones, getting Lexus to change the audio system, and still not fixed, finally worked it out. Issue is with voice activation feature: echo only occurred when using voice activation to call contacts. When making calls using touchscreen thru favourites or phone book etc no problems. Believe that the voice activation button might be faulty causing the microphone in cabin to stay on causing the echo for other party.
  4. Hi All, I just took delivery of new NX, very happy with the car, except for phone echo issue. Calls are clear in the car, but i've had numerous people on the other end of the line complain about delayed echo of their voice. I thought it may have been a bluetooth problem with my Samsung S7, but i've read online that this may be caused by volume level in car, and by turning it down it resolves it. I also thought it may be linked to Media Audio on NX bluetooth setting, as when i've turned this off it seems to improve. Any assistance would be appreciated.