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  1. Hi all, 75,000km service due on my ISF calls for fuel filter replacement/s (is there more than one fuel filter?).. Has anyone done this themselves? Requires rear seat to be removed to access fuel pump assembly in the fuel tank where the filter is housed. If we had a reputation for clean petrol in this Aus i'd probably not worry too much but unfortunately this isn't the case.. Not even going to bother with a quote from the stealership because I know it'll be eye watering and I have plenty of time on my hands rn due covid in Vic. Any insight appreciated Cheers
  2. That's interesting because the BJ I went to put the 275/30's on without question however the car already had that size on. Cant help regarding the 275/35's... Definitely shop around re prices, BJ's from various suburbs gave me very different prices for the same tyres.
  3. I put 245/35 F and 275/30 R MPS4S on recently. Great tyres but not cheap - $1655 with alignment ($100 cashback from Michelin rn) Had MPSS on before the PS4S and they were great and got over 40k on them which isn't bad for soft rubber. Uneven wear on the fronts is a real issue on these cars so hoping the RR racing USRS I installed last month make a difference.
  4. I'll look into the Nolethane kit, thanks for the heads up.
  5. Looks like you still cant get the PS91 in 275/30 off the Kumho website. Shame, probably would've given them crack. I'll probably order new bushings, install first then go with the MPS4S. RR racing USRS at the moment $675 landed.. not cheap but Figs just as expensive. I remember reading somewhere there was an aussie suspension company that had a bushing for the OEM housing that was a cheaper option. Anyone had installed that bushing can share their thoughts?
  6. They look great. Guys/gals over on the American M3 forum seem to rate the PS91's. I'll get a price for them tomorrow. Stock bushes. Considering the RR racing bushes when I bite the bullet and buy their performance upgrade package.. covid got in the way of that unfortunately. I've had my ISF for 40k/2 years now and it hasn't missed a beat. Decided I'll be keeping it long term so going to start with the mods soon.
  7. Yeah I had the bloke check stock yesterday and could also get fronts in the MPSS but not rears. Interestingly enough the MPS4S were $50 cheaper per tyre but ill have a hunt around for a better price on MPSS. My fronts are gone, especially on the inside shoulder as expected with these cars but the rears aren't far behind which is interesting. Thought I'd get a little more mileage out of them. BLK, your comments stack up against others opinions on the MPS4S vs the SS. Seems like a better tyre period. Tyre power always seem to push Kumho.. anyone run their P71's on the ISF?
  8. Been very quite on here for a while lads! Where's everyone gone? Anyway... Got 40k out of my pilot super sports but the time has come for some new rubber! MPSS are discontinued and have been replaced by the PS4S (quoted $1520 for 4 corners by Bob). Anyone have any experience with these tyres or can recommend something else? I'm running 245/35's F and 275/30's R
  9. Thanks for sharing. Will watch and wait your feedback once the update comes out and there's andriod auto functionality
  10. Im running 245 pilot SS up front and get the tyre skip at full lock that 2bling is talking about
  11. Out of interest what pads/rotors and how much?
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know if someone in aus has completed a 3is front bumper conversion to an ISF? I think it looks awesome
  13. Has anyone had any experience with RDA brake rotors? I have a set of dimpled/slotted front rotors and ceramic pads that I’ll consider fitting at some point. https://www.empoweredautoparts.com.au/dimpled-slotted-lexus-is-f-5.0l-v8-use20r-10-2008
  14. Thanks Peter. Went with the low mileage one in QLD (although i guess now its done another ~1800kms :s).. got the deal done for 62.5k with a free set of cross drilled/slotted front rotors, ceramic brake pads and 6 months rego so im reasonably happy. Did pick up a few stone chips on the drive down though which sucks but couldn't be happier with the car. Shouldn't have waited as long as I did. Now trying to find out if I can get the mirrors to fold in automatically when the car is switched off - read some conflicting info on the forum about it though...
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