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  1. designo

    Where Are You From?

    My continent is not listed 😞
  2. If the Pursuit of Perfection is to be properly implemented as far as this Brand is concerned.. then our local Lexus representatives EK Kanoo are the definition of it! We are not only blessed but very fortunate to have a dealer who understands today's demands and needs. They have grown to adapt to the market segments as a whole and have truly stuck to their values and commitments to customers. We must have the only dealer on the planet who will sell you a brand new Lexus, and modify the hell out of it and still honour your warranty. At EK Kanoo they will honour your warranty no matter what you have installed to the car, in fact, their subsidiary at Kanoo Performance will do the modifications for you! From the simplest exhaust and intake upgrades to a full blown supercharger kit! NO PROBLEM
  3. designo

    Hello from Bahrain

    Installed Axle Back, Spaces and Air Filter within 48 hours. Lowering springs and strut bars are laying around in my house.. haven't decided on those yet.
  4. Yesterday I drove a supercharged RCF. The amount of power on hand is very impressive... too bad the tyres were worn out so traction was a problem. The problem with GSF is that they haven't managed to hack a reliable file patch for it's ECU. It's quite different to the RCF mainly due to the TVD issue I was told. They're still working on it.
  5. Hello all... Yes, I'm very very far away but one common interest brings us closer. A proud owner of a 2016 GSF in White Nova Glass Flake on Flare Red Interior. Great car.. great drive! Look forward to being a positive contributor here.