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  1. This is how I bought the car and negotiated the respraying of the bumper from the total price. I did some research and found Atlas Motors Body Works having good reviews , did anyone deal with them before?
  2. Thanks mate, it’s a bit too far. I’ll have to check something around Sydney, but I’ll give them a call and check ot out anyway.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m from Sydney, please see the attached photo, the colour is Lava Mica Orange. I’m curious, can this mismatch be from factory?
  4. Hi guys, Just got a new car and the rear bumper has been repainted, unfortunately it has a different shade and it drives me insane. Does anyone know a very goog body &paint shop to repaint and to match the colour perfectly? cheers!
  5. Is there anyone who installed this on his Lexus Rc or Is350? I woukd like to hear it so see if it’s what I want. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, Is there anyone who changed the factory exhaust with a catback Invidia Q300? I'm interested in opinions and recommendation if worth the investment. Cheers.