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  1. Hey guys, Just looking for some thoughts and personal experience for an axle or cat back exhaust for a 3IS 200t (2017, facelift). I've been searching around on the forums and other places but can't really find exact information, I'm looking for quad tips which will fit with the factory diffuser. Brands I've managed to find so far in Australia are; Invidia, Ark and custom. There doesn't seem to be any quad tip options available for the IS but a multitude for the RC. Has anyone fitted an aftermarket quad tip RC on the IS without changing anything else? Went to a few shops around Sydney today to speak to people. One place recommended getting an invidia RC tip but I'm not sure if the aesthetic fitment will work. There is the single tip option for axle back (will add the mid pipe down the line). Or the Ark catback, but for the price it doesn't seem worthwhile on a 200t. Can anyone give personal advice and pics of what they've done (also where and price)? Cheers,