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  1. Hi there, I don't own an IS, I own an NX 300 and purchased my roof racks from my Lexus dealer. The roof racks are easy to fit, only take about 3 minutes to attach and same to remove. All I can say is I am so thankful that they are so easy to attach and remove, simply because they are soooo ugly on the car 😞 I was sort of hoping I could leave one on for attaching a UHF aerial to, but nope too ugly. So if you looking for something that looks good on your Lexus, you might want to look at them first, as I got mine in the box and never saw them until first time I attached them.
  2. Ok just for reference, if someone else searches this problem. Apparently according to our owners manual, when you unlock the car using iether the handle or the FOB, the rear parking lights, the number plate lights and the front positioning lights will turn on. The front positioning lights are the daytime running lights. I was certain for the last 6 months the headlights had also turned on, this was how it worked for our Honda, but hey guess I was mistaken :S
  3. Thanks for the reply, Thats what I thought as well, but I am severely visually impaired and when my wife reads the manuals etc it can be a harrowing experience 🙂 She did try to read it to me, when she said the item that had the 2 eye lashes on the stalk, this was her description of the parking lights icon as eye lashes 🙂I asked her to stop, but I guess will wait until we are back at the dealer and get them to sort it out. Thanks
  4. Hello all, we are having a small issue with our NX 300. Don't think it is actually a problem with the car, but recently I noticed that the headlights are not turning on when you unlock the car. When we purchased the NX in July 2018 the headlights would come on when you unlocked the car, this would include unlocking it from grabbing the handle or using the unlock button on the fob. this would happen in our garage and outside when it was dark. But now when you unlock the car only the daytime running lights turn on, I spoke to my dealership and he wanted to help, but our dealership is over a hour and a half drive away and we don't plan on going there until our next service. We have looked at the settings through the sound system under setup section for the vehicle and everything looks normal. The headlights are switched to Auto on the stalk and the Auto High beam is also turned on. But the headlights do not turn on when you unlock the car, however we noticed as the car is reversing out of the garage the headlights will turn on after the car moves a few meters and then they turn off again when you get out into the daylight. If someone could point me to the right place or help this would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Unfortunately my dealer is an hour and a half drive from us, but I did call them and they gave me some steps to try. Then contacted Lexus on 1800 number and was assured by the person who answered that he would resolve my issue then told me he was unsure where it was listed in his documentation and he guaranteed to call me back within 24 hours. Well now 7 days later and NO call back Grrrr. Looks like Lexus are just like all the other car makers out there, full of hype about how great you will be treated in the Lexus club. Seems like someone was blowing smoke up my behind 😞
  6. Still having this issue, wonder if anyone else is and when it will be resolved. My Lexus buzz is going away, wondering if all the hype is real 😞
  7. Yes, we picked up our 2018 NX 300 F Sport on Friday 13th. Had an update a few days later that went smoothly, stayed on screen while it downloaded and installed, then over the weekend this same message appeared on our screen, as well. Keeps coming up and is frustrating my wife, cannot find anyway to re-innitiate the update :( Love the car, but a little dissapointed in the enform system and really dissapointed that we cannot use Google Assistant like the Americans can :(