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  1. I should visit more workshops to compare easier and then find a suitable one to modify my baby.
  2. Yup the same function of my clear film, when it is raining the water would bead off and it is much easier to clean. At first I have been considering to go with Ceramic coating, but the film seems more protective so I choose it. I am in Sydney and I am trying to find a good workshop dealing with GSF. Maybe the number of GSF is relatively too small so it is hard to find a sample for modifying the GSF. I am a beginner to the modifying car industry, I need to ask you guys professional more to know more ^_^.
  3. Hi John, Thanks for your congrats, hope we all enjoy our Lexus F babies. Cheers
  4. Hi buddy, I really like your all black ISF, excited to receive your message. But the black cars get dirty or scratch easily so I get it into a transparent film. I am not sure how to tune and modify my car, do you have some recommendation for the workshop? cheers buddy I am convinced that we would love our baby car more and more.
  5. Hello everyone, recently I just got my second-hand GSF, and I sent it to repaint the wheel, get the whole car transparent film and details in black stickers. I love my reborn all blackGSF and hope to share it with all you guys. And I am truly looking forward to meeting you around Sydney and have a great time outdoors driving our lovely cars.