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  1. Thanks, will confirm part number Tuesday. Certainly quieter, just a lot longer to stop. Can deal with that if no brake noise or grabbing like the last set.
  2. Thanks, So standard toyota oem is what is on the IS350 to begin with? It's strange the power and stopping distance is so different. No brake noise with these either, whereas previously there was brake squealing from new up until replacement (dust).
  3. Just took my 2010 IS350 F Sport in for brake replacement (non-lexus dealership) and was told they would be fitted with genuine parts. Upon pickup I've found that they have used genuine Lexus pads, but Toyota rotors. Not only do they look different, but from what I can feel the brake performance is way down on even my previous worn out ones. Are the 350 F Sport brakes required to have a particular rotor for maximum performance? Was able to pull up very quickly before barely touching the pedal, now it's a hard push for far less response! Cheers
  4. Hi All, I've unfortunately just cracked the LCD touchscreen in my 2010 IS350 F-Sport (it has the Levinson sound system). Does anyone know the best way to go about getting this repaired/replaced? Is it best to go straight to Lexus servicing? I'm guessing the whole unit will likely need replacing which will be fairly expensive, so open to any suggestions or recommendations (I'm located in Brisbane). Thanks in advance!