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  1. Don't ever take your Lexus to a Lexus dealer ! I know how that sounds but , unless you are ok with being hardcore raped up the back passage do yourself a huge favour and seek out a reputable independent Lexus specialist to perform any servicing /repairs to your vehicle ! These are very often Lexus trained techs who get fed up with the corporate nature of working at "Stealerships" and go out on there own so they can lie straight in bed of a night ! You will more often than not get much better service to $$ ratio with these guys than any dealership could ever hope to deliver !
  2. Hi guys and girls of Lexus land , I have just fitted ( at home on the lawn , lol ) a genuine Lexus tow bar assy and am wondering if anybody is able to inform me as to where on the vehicle I would find the grommet that the wiring is to be passed through in order to plug in the loom to the vehicles loom ? Whilst on the subject of the loom , where in the cargo bay am I to find said loom to plug into ? I am easily capable of doing the job but just need help narrowing down the search so the cargo area does not end up being completely disassembled in the process ! lol So far the install has gone smoothly albeit a lengthy drawn out process , needing to remove rear bumper ( which didn't really end up happening due to not being able to work out how to unclip it at the top so i just propped it up ! ) , mud flaps and inner guards ( plastics ) . Next was the rear bumper reinforcement ( not too difficult , 6 nuts off captive threads via a deep 12mm socket and it pops off to be lowered down out off bumper . I will have to have the rear muffler hanger that is bolted to the chassis extended as the tail pipe now hits one of the bolts on the tow bar side bracket and causes a very noticeable vibration whilst engine is running ! I bought the tow pack second hand from a wreckers in Sydney for $250 ! Sure beats paying over a grand for one from Lexus and even after having it sand blasted and powder coated a nice matt black textured finish I have only spent less than the equivalent of a non genuine assy ! SWEET ! I also have replaced all the fasteners with high tensile , zinc plated ones to stave off any unsightly corrosion issues in future , another fiddy well spent ! Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you
  3. I think I want to do this too ! On a recent trip to Sth Oz the nav took us off the main hwy and thru towns only to re-enter hwy post town several times ! I can only presume these towns were bi-passed after my 07 RX was built ! lol . I will be looking into it very shortly so will keep you updated bud !
  4. I had the same thing happen to my passenger front window after having tint installed . Took back to Lexus and the guy there just did a sequence of pushing the button up/down a couple full movements of the window and it reset itself and has been behaving itself since ! Hope that helps buddy !