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  1. Tried it on my 2011 Lexus RX350 Sports Luxury and used a Verbatim DVD-RW disc to burn it. Worked first time. Noticed on loading the disc in the system goes through an "updating" which slightly freaked me out but then came good. The replacement DVD for my car is located under the 12V plug at the front (the bottom floor panel pops up) and then eject and insert new disc. Worked a treat. The version linked above is version 22 meaning 2016 maps (vs 2014 that was in there).
  2. I don't have my 2nd gen RX330 (2005 model) any longer and I had replaced the rears with aftermarket. When I sold that car these were left in my garage and I am came across them the other day. Perfectly fine tail lights and its the full rear set (i.e. 4 pieces). Chasing $280 ono for them + shipping Based in Perth.
  3. Later models of Lexus can also be done through an app (Carista). However they tend to be expensive (but cheaper than the Lexus dealer ship) for 1 month access ($15 if I remember correctly). I am not affiliated with them in any way, but just from my experience. They don't support the 2nd Gen's due to the bus type used in that generation of RX. You will need a bluetooth obdII connector. Once connected I could change a bunch of settings in my 2011 RX350 (some of these were options that could be changed through the dash menu).
  4. Just have to find me a spare DVD now and try it out.
  5. Will this work on the 3rd Gen or is it only for 2nd gen as per above video?
  6. Hi All, First up hello. I own a 2011 Lexus RX350 Sports Luxury and I am based in Perth. I bought my current RX last year from Queensland and had it shipped over to Perth. Prior to this RX, I have owned (at least in the Lexus family), 2 second generation RX330's, Lexus ES300 and 4 Toyota/Lexus Soarers. I (as well as my kids now) refer to my car as "Belle" and I do like to modify my cars visually and subtly. Here is "Belle" after my recent modification to "black out the headlights" by painting the surrounds. I hope to contribute to the forums over time.
  7. Prior to purchasing my current 2011 Lexus RX350 I did look at an RX270 and took it for a drive. While it is quite torquey / nippy at low speeds I found the engine to be a bit lack luster when on the freeway. Accelerating with just me in the car from 100 - 110/115 felt slow and you could "hear" the engine revving out to get up to speed quick. Fuel economy would be much better than the RX350 no doubt but given I do some country drives I need the power of a 6 to make me comfortable overtaking or getting up to speed quickly. If the RX270 is just going to be city life without country runs overtaking long trucks etc, it would fit perfectly.