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  1. Yes, please let us know how it turned out.
  2. Hey George, did you end up getting any tuning/remap done? If so, who did it and how'd it turn out? Nicholas.
  3. I always use the synthetic Toyota-branded stuff they recommend for the car, it doesn't cost much more than the premium oils you buy in the shops. The Penrite synthetic does have a very good reputation, I suspect either would do the job just as well. The Penrite website suggests their HPR 5 5W-40 (Full Synthetic) for the 2010 IS250. Nicholas.
  4. drnick, did you find a mechanic you were happy with? - Nicholas.
  5. First step is to refinish the surface of the headlights. There are a number of good videos on how to do this on YouTube, but Alex Palmeri, who used to do this when he was a Mercedes Tech, has a good one here: Then you need to coat them with Meguiar's Headlight Coating, which will block UV from degrading them again in the future: Nicholas.
  6. Hi drnick, i searched high and low and read an awful lot of posts on various auto forums, and I believe these two are probably good: Princes Motor Repairs, 372 Lygon St Brunswick East ph: 93872192 Cox Auto Service Centre, 88 Buckhurst St, South Melbourne ph: 90710560 If you end up using either of them, please post again in this thread letting us know what your experience was like. Best regards, Nicholas.
  7. The Australian Lexus website ( says the following: "For the F Sport grades, rear grip and traction has been significantly improved through the inclusion of a TORSEN Limited Slip Differential (LSD). The LSD contributes to straight-line handling stability and high-traction during cornering by optimising traction between the rear wheels, helping to transfer power to the wheels that have the best grip". Nicholas.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good independent mechanic (or a Lexus dealership with a good service centre) to service & repair my RC350 in Melbourne? Any help much appreciated. Nicholas.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a VIN decoder that will tell me all of the options and features that my car has. I have found a couple that give partial info, but not a complete list. Does anyone know of a VIN decoder on the Web that will give a complete list? Thanks for your help. Nicholas.
  10. I only just got my 2018 RC 350 F Sport 6 weeks ago and haven't got around to investigating tuning options yet, although I did notice there is an outfit in Melb offering this for the RC 350. I don't know anything about them. Here is the link: Nicholas.
  11. I like the yellow you chose, it looks good. Wow I bet it the body was a real challenge for the techs that wrapped it. Nicholas.
  12. You can find an overview of the various changes across model years here:!content=review&make=Lexus&model=RC F&gen=1373 Hope this is helpful. Cheers, Nicholas.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm just starting my search for a 2-4 yr old IS350 FSport. What things should I look out for? Was the model updated in 2015? Thanks in anticipation. Nicholas.