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  1. Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a VIN decoder that will tell me all of the options and features that my car has. I have found a couple that give partial info, but not a complete list. Does anyone know of a VIN decoder on the Web that will give a complete list? Thanks for your help. Nicholas.
  2. I only just got my 2018 RC 350 F Sport 6 weeks ago and haven't got around to investigating tuning options yet, although I did notice there is an outfit in Melb offering this for the RC 350. I don't know anything about them. Here is the link: Nicholas.
  3. I like the yellow you chose, it looks good. Wow I bet it the body was a real challenge for the techs that wrapped it. Nicholas.
  4. You can find an overview of the various changes across model years here:!content=review&make=Lexus&model=RC F&gen=1373 Hope this is helpful. Cheers, Nicholas.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm just starting my search for a 2-4 yr old IS350 FSport. What things should I look out for? Was the model updated in 2015? Thanks in anticipation. Nicholas.