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  1. Hi guys, have you ever heard fuel tank split up for no reason? Shocking, right? My vehicle is a 2014 IS350 F, today I went to the fuel station with empty tank, after pump 63L fuel (the gun firstly stop) I realized the car was leaking heavily underneath which is never happened before. The firemen came and right after their inspection, one of them told me they found my car’s fuel tank was split up. Right, that was the phrase he told me about. One thing have to be stressed out is I just officially changed the fuel pump a few days ago due to their recall in 2020, they just found me. At first I thought the leaking must about the fuel pump thing, I cannot believe the tank was split up, in the middle, I mean, right? I called Lexus dealer and they offered me a car to go home from the fuel station and I left my car with them to deal with. I’m writing this to share this experience and wondering why this could happened, anyone can share their thoughts with me because I really cannot figure out why such thing happens. No crash, no hit, anything’s normal. The fireman said he never heard about this either and his opinion was because of the faulty. The Lexus guy seemed shocking, too. thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts.
  2. Hi all I'm surprised by the amount of questions and messages I've had since doing this, may as well collate them here for the community to see right? As above the whole kit (Headers, race intake, carbon elbow, oil/seperator, tune) was just installed and uploaded on my car about 24 hours ago and im just getting used to it my upgrade plan was all around doing the mods all at once (including tune),first impressions: turn key, engine light and traction light are on - sound is amazing with varex open, and somewhat subtle and classy with varex closed. these cars will run lean with the cats removed, so a tune is highly suggested, I have just uploaded RR,'s tune (last night), and im still getting used to it. repeat - you should tune your car to match the new mod, especially if you have an intake. suggestions to note: wrap the headers with exhaust wrap (i used 3 x 25 foot rolls) - be careful with the steering rack and remember where it is with regards to the rotation when you put it back together. I wouldnt be hooning around if your engine light is on, as that means its running lean - get a tune - talk to Simon at RR racing, tell him what you have fitted and he will send you a map. car is loud and sharp, revs freely, and all in all i think the engine is thriving from these mods went to a cafe this morning with my brothers, feeling punchy down low which makes manual mode even more relevant as you can plod around in a 5th/6th at low speed with ease - effortless and punchier power - change in power to weight is noticeable pretty much erases the "lag" it had in stock form below 3400rpm - once you go above 3400rpm however - wow wee - haven't found enough road to test the 7200rpm limiter - will be attending a Phillip island track day in Oct - save it till then Just want to give a shout to Simon and Rafi and crew - i was apprehensive about ordering the kit from the other side of the world (Aus) but everything happened smoothly, freight, service, follow up, quality - ive done some cool things to cars over the years, and dealt with a lot of work shops, RR Racing has given me an awesome experience so far - thanks chaps *fine print* i am in no way affiliated with RR racing nor receiving any benefit from posting this, I am just a car guy who did a lot of research on this car and kit as most of you are, especially if you have read this far in the post, happy to help ask or post any questions you have below regarding the kit or tune in Aussie conditions. ** below pic was taken before the intake breather was fitted hence the 2 breather hoses going nowhere on top of throttle body
  3. Hi all, Just curious if anyone has heard about RR releasing these or if anyone has taken the plunge in ordering them? http://www.rr-racing.com/RR-Racing-Engine-Mounts-for-Lexus-ISF-RCF-GSF-p/isfengmt01.htm As the sub-frame needs to be dropped for an easy install, its ideal to fit them during a header install (wish they had these late last year when i got mine fitted), ah well. According to RR, most of the headers they fit to the early ISF's, well the majority had shot engine mounts so just curious if anyone else has had issues or know if they have worn engine mounts.
  4. Hi guys, For Sale OEM 2012 ISF OEM exhaust. Replaced with JoeZ system. Located South East Melbourne - Pick up $350. Cheers, Jamie 0409 406 844
  5. For sale is a Borla Axle Back Exhaust for the IS-F. Nice subtle tone to bring out the v8 without being too over the top. Price: $500 Pickup Sydney, otherwise could organise shipping at buyers expense.
  6. I'm looking to spray my calipers on my IS350 F the same colour or something as close to the orange calipers on the the new F line of lexus. If anyone knows where i can get the paint or something similar please let me know as ive searched all corners of the internet with no success. It seems like its just that shade of orange is no where to be found. I might try the dealer tomorrow but not sure how much luck ill have. Pic for reference Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, I recently got my I-SF late last year (2017) and haven't had much of a chance to drive or do much to it. I wasn't going to make a build thread about my car but figured there isn't much IS-F activity out there and thought it would be useful and entertaining to note down my experience with the F. This build thread probably won't have frequent updates so i'll only post updates when there is something worth sharing. I got my I-SF 2012 (MY13) from Lexus of Springwood in Brisbane. It was very interesting purchase as I bought the car unseen and relied on photos of the sales ad, speaking with salesman and most importantly getting a mobile inspection on the car. I used Stateroad to carry out the inspection. At the end of the inspection they produce a very comprehensive report and they followed up with a call afterwards to talk through any concerns or issues, thankfully this proved very useful and reliable as it helped me score free replacement for both rear tyres . Oh and for those wondering, no i didn't pay sticker price that wouldn't be much fun buying any car from the stealership. Here she is being delivered to me. I decided against flying up and driving it myself and some may think its a crime since it's the bonding time and memory but given the cost to fly up, fill up petrol and worst of all increase the possibility of damaging the car from debris on the highway, i wasn't going to risk it and shipping was cheaper and logistically easier. Safe and sound. Conveniently there was an IS-F meet-up and was a great opportunity to meet the IS-F community. I hope there will be more meet ups in the future and would love to see some RC-F and GS-F too. Given the excellent condition of the car i had plans to preserve the quality of the car the best i can, this meant paint protection film (PPF) and a nano/ceramic coating on top of it. I'll have to take shots of this so i'll post it when i get a chance and write down my experience about it.
  8. Hi everyone, I am the very happy owner of a Graphite 09 ISF, and am loving the car to bits! Only issue is the brutal suspension. I work in real estate and am in my car most of the day, and need to soften the ride. Dont get me wrong, i love sports cars, and am used to hard suspension, but "bouncing" all the down the road over speed humps and irregularities isn't on.. give me firm, sure, but it also has to be compliant. I always knew there was going to be an issue with the suspension, test drove '12 and MY10 cars, and they were much more compliant. Unfortunately the budget didn't allow for it. In the end I got the mint 09 with 65,000 km for around $48k, so it was an offer that I couldn't go past. I have a budget of around $1500 for some suspension work, and am looking for someone to do the work for me. As far as i can see there is two options for me to go down which are: OEM '12-'14 (or maybe even '10 onwards) ISF suspension Lexus of Chatswood have recommended this as a good option, though its expensive new. I would be looking for a low km second hand setup from a car which has upgraded. If anyone has some, holla at me. BC Coilovers These are most likely going to push the budget installed, but from what ive read, getting the right springs and spring rates on this system make it pretty top notch and a huge difference to what im dealing with currently. Is there any other suggestions? Any other path to travel? And most importantly, who do you suggest to do the work on the car? Is there any specialists to balance and fit everything properly? Im from Perth and am clueless over here.. Lexus of Chatswood are obviously great, and have been extremely helpful, but i have a feeling they will be extremely expensive comparatively. Many thanks, James
  9. Modified 5.0L V8 Lexus making approximately 300kw/400hp at the wheels with long rego. Selling my much loved and unique Starlight Black MY11 Lexus ISF - $46,990 ono This car has been an absolute joy to own and has provided me with over 5 years of trouble-free and amazing driving experiences. Not just your average Lexus, the ISF is the V8 416hp BMW M3 competitor which marries style, luxury and performance into one exciting 4-door sports sedan. This ISF has the following modifications and additions: - Ceramic coat paint protection by Obsessed Car Detailing - JoeZ air intake - JoeZ PTS exhaust system - Novel equal length headers (worth approx. $8000) - Tuning Tech FS ECU tune - Throttle Controller Kit - Genuine WALD carbon fibre rear diffuser - Genuine WALD rear wing – custom body molded to bootlid and rear quarter panels raised to form uniform line – approx. $3000 total cost for body work and paint. - Genuine MY14 Lexus Led Fog lights - Figs Engineering Lower arm rear bushing for handling and prevents tyre wear - Satellite Navigation maps updated to 2017 maps - 4 new Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres fitted in mid 2017 - Major service and new battery fitted Nov 2017 - Long rego until October 2018 - Original parts available Being an MY11 model it has these changes vs cheaper MY10 models: - Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) included as part of headlight - Improved suspension (smoother ride) - Limited Slip Differential - Updated dashboard and steering wheel layout As you can see, no expense has been spared with the quality of modifications. This setup is good for approximately 400hp/300kw at the wheels and transforms the car into a much more capable and fun drive, the exhaust note alone will draw comparisons to exotic cars, it has to be heard to be believed, yet still remains fairly quiet when not under hard acceleration. The car has always been garaged, serviced at required intervals (with full logbook available), and never driven on the track. Most of the driving was long distance and I’ve enjoyed every minute of ownership. No finance owing or accident history. Located Newcastle, NSW, please message me if you have any questions
  10. Hi Guys, I have just sold my ISF and have a set of Blade Style wheels in perfect condition for sale in boxes no tyres. $2,000 Located in Melbourne - 0409 406 844 Cheers, Jamie
  11. - Nov 2010/MY 11 - Black - Orange accents (rare and fantastic looking) - Low Mileage <60,000 Kms - Full Service books available - All with Lexus Dealer - My 11 which has all the suspension updates - Near New Lexus Front Rotors + Pads - Near new Michelin Pilot Super - Front and Rear - Cargo net fitted in boot - Indoor car cover (to keep dust at bay once the car is washed and inside the garage) - Vic Rego valid till end Dec 2018 - Will supply RWC once deposit is paid while finalising sale - Cooling fan and passenger bag recalls completed - Maps updated to v22 Most of you already know and appreciate Lexus build quality and know about the ISF - It's a great car and IMHO is better than the Euro rivals in the same price segment. The car is very well maintained and has been used as my weekend cruiser (not used as a daily drive). Most of the K's on this car are from cruising in the hills. It's in beautiful condition inside and out. Non-smoker's car and I don't allow any food in the car either ! Photos attached. ---- SOLD
  12. So i have finally managed to secure a ISF diff, with mechanical LSD as per factory.. YAY! As such i will be selling the old diff from my car. Its had approx 90,000kms, and performs fine. Only reason for sale is that i wanted an LSD. Asking $1,500 OBO, maybe for those who want an aftermarket LSD centre and need a donor diff etc. so they aren't without a ride. Ill pop in on eBay as well. Call for any questions, 0433 one 46 one 46
  13. Hi team, up for sale are my 2.5inch inlet xforce mufflers. As these are generic mufflers they can be adapted to fit onto a stock ISF, IS350 and pretty sure IS250 exhaust. this is perfect for someone that doesn’t want a full exhaust but wants more volume from their stock exhaust. A much cheaper alternative - gives a great deep tone price: $350 firm for both postage: pick up only from Hornsby many questions let me know. ph: to be provided to winning bidder
  14. Hi All, it has been ages since we had a decent Lexus meet. It would be great to get to know each other besides behind a computer screen, discuss our cars and go for a cruise and a feed somewhere scenic - beaches way. So I’m organising a catch up for all Lexus makes and models: When: 10am Sunday 3rd December 2017 Where: Slough business park, Holker Street, Silverwater short notice - as it gets closer to Christmas, it will only get busier. I’ll have my RR Racing Performance package ISF in attendance List your cars that will be attending - look forward to getting a good bunch together. Alex
  15. I have been looking more and more into the options of developing more power for my ISF, and have dreamed of supercharging a car since i was a little fella.. The noise, the torque, the instant torque i should say, the whole package is the dream. I dont like the "bling" of the RR Racing package for the ISF, it's too obvious, too intrusive, and a lot of fuss for something running such low boost. In my opinion anyway. So, i don't know whether or not any here are familiar with a company called "Bullet" who specialise in superchargers, and who actually have a further specialty in Toyota / Lexus products. This is them: http://bulletcars.com/ So they were best known a while back for shoe-horning the Toyota V8 into the MX-5 body, and then supercharging it. These little track weapons were rocket ships, I always had a soft spot for them! Bu i digress, i got in contact, and though they warned it would be the first one they have done, with the expected delays and costs in producing something like this which would essentially be treated as a "one off", its definitely possible. Here are the best parts of their reply: Harrop HTV 1900 supercharger - low profile, looks factory, great product used all around the world. Huge increase in low RPM torque and power Same reliability THE ENGINE COVER STAYS ON!!! OVER THE CHARGER!!! So its the real deal, looks factory etc etc, huge power increase, uses the factory intake system. Sounds amazing right? Well all except for the cost, $16,000 or more as an estimate.. Because it will be the first, it will be expensive. So, who else wants to get a kit, come together and potentiall reduce costs? I am interstate fo the company also, and couldnt be the guinea pig, but anyone want to be? Its a lot of money to spend on a car worth what they are these days, but once done, what a weapon.. I have attached a photo of a Lexus 430 which they did, cover back on, no one is the wiser. Except those behind you.
  16. Hi All, If anyone is thinking about selling their IS-F I would be interested to hear from you. The specifics: -Must be white -2013 / 2014 -prefer stock as possible (or atleast have stock parts to go with it) -would also consider inter-state sellers (pending price and condition) Cheers
  17. Well i had an exciting morning on the M5 about 5:30am. Drivers rear gave way, bit sideways then thump thump thump. Nursed her over to the breakdown emergency bay and saw the damage :-( Was planning to get new tyres soon, well that will have to be today now lol Ps Have done about 20000kms out of them, more than what i expected months ago Just hoping no rim damage but towie had a good look for me and suspects its ok as the inner part gave way but it was still riding on the tyre (kind of). Anyways will find out soon enough later today (fingers crossed)
  18. Hi guys I have managed to find a Lexus ISF that I like. Can you help with the following questions? Build Date December 2012, Compliance January 2013. Does this mean, on the door sticker, it will state January 2013? Does this classify the car as a 2013 model? The ISF I have found is 1 owner, 1 driver, 69K on clock, no accidents, non smoker, no finance attached, mature owner (just retired, mid 60's), just had gutter rash repaired professionally, paint work immaculate, no mods to car, just had front brakes and rotors replaced (Genuine Lexus) I was advised this cost 4K. I've been told even though it states Lexus, they are actually Brembo. New Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres all around. Genuine reason for selling, seller has purchased a D-Max and is now into off road motor bikes! The only fault I found (if you can call it a fault) that it has not been serviced by Lexus from new as the owner lives 1 1/2 hours out of Sydney CBD. It has been serviced by a local mechanical shop called Terrigal Mechanical - www.terrigalmechanical.com.au What is everyone's thoughts on this? Also, seller has advised only fault he has found with this car is the front inside of the tyres wear faster than normal. He has had it looked at numerous time, and have improved it, but he tells me this particular model of Lexus, being the ISF, is designed for tracks, and it's an inherited fault. Again, what are your thoughts? If I was to consider purchasing this car, I would organize VIP Automotive Solutions to do a full inspection, 11 page report, with photos (I am in Perth, seller is 1 1/2 hours out of Sydney CBD) If report looked good, next step would be to freight vehicle to Perth, in a fully enclosed car transporter. I would love to hear from the members of this club, with there thoughts and advise, good or bad. Cheers Sam
  19. So, i read all about how nice it is to have an updated LED interior, with some warm white lights internally, rather than the yellow dull glow currently in the car. Being the little car nerd i am i went online and hunted around for some cheapies thinking all LED's are the same. I was wrong, very wrong. I bought an absolutely crappy and sub-standard set: http://suttonanderson.com.au/property-for-sale/44-Whiting-Street-ARTARMON/3196.aspx?pt=2&s=241 The globes flicker, and you can see the individual little lights through the covers. They are not much brighter than the standard bulbs, just a different colour. Also, they sent two wrong bulbs, which don't fit anywhere. Great. Tried to rectify the issues over a few weeks and they were retarded and English definitely wasn't their primary language, so i gave up. Oh well, moving on.. Enter V-Led: http://www.vleds.com/ Far more expensive, and far better quality. End cost to the door was $140 AUD vs those cheapies, so almost 10 x as much. Would i do it again, in a heartbeat. Im thinking about upgrading the reversing lights.. I ended up getting the dimmest set, the long life options, and it is FAR brighter than the previous LED and the factory bulbs. I just don's see ow someone could need something approx 4 x as bright as this?! Maybe in the puddle lights (mirrors) but bloody hell they light the interior up! One thing i was unsure of at first, was which globes to get for where, so here is my little guide: Vanity bulbs / behind the sun visor - 2 x http://www.vleds.com/shop-application/interior/194/194-14-ll.html (low light, long life) Front map lights (on the roof) - 3 x http://www.vleds.com/shop-application/interior/194/194-14-ll.html Rear map lights (on the roof) - 2 x http://www.vleds.com/shop-application/interior/3022/3022-12-ll-c.html?___SID=U Trunk light - 1 x http://www.vleds.com/shop-application/interior/3022/3022-12-ll-c.html?___SID=U Puddle lights / mirrors - 2 x http://www.vleds.com/shop-application/interior/194/194-14-ll.html Now you can switch out some of the bulbs for more or less powerful option, and opt for different colours etc. Heaps of choice. I for one love their products, they are just such high quality, and i dont intend to sell the car. Im now happy, and im fussy as all hell..
  20. Hi Sydney people, I hope no one has had their ISF stolen recently. Good friend of mine advised me he saw a Black ISF abandoned on Beech road between the roundabout and Campbelltown road (near Costco, Crossroads). Drove past last night and saw the bonet was missing, 2 rear wheels. I have since been told it appears burnt out by another friend (assuming same car as he described the location of where it was).
  21. Hey all, Haven't really had any time to post up but I'm actually not that new. More like long time reader, 1st time poster. Had a 2013 Silver IS350 previously which I have sold. Currently, I have a 2012 Silver ISF, looking to see and interact with other enthusiastic owners. Hoping to increase my knowledge and improving the car. Happy motoring and see ya around, Nelson
  22. So this is hard to capture in a title, but is there anyone with a 2008-2014 (old shape 2IS), gun metal grey Lexus IS250/350/ISF who wants to trade roofs? From what i have read its a pretty easy swap out, the roof linings and controls etc just get switched over. I need the extra headroom, and never use the sunroof, though it works perfectly. I want just a standard roof! My car is 2009 ISF, gun metal grey. Be interesting to see if anything comes of this, could be pretty sweet for both parties potentially.. My exterior and interior is mint condition, yours headlining etc would have to be too. Maybe @plankton007 can comment on the idea? Should be sweet right? Another option is putting a proper carbon fibre roof in, but this would be big $$$ im presuming.
  23. Hi all, A bit of a noob question i know but havent had much luck looking for an answer. I have a 08 ISF so not sure if the newer ones have the same issue but i miss not having a simple USB connection to plug into for audio playback. Currently using CD's etc but its a bit of a pain to keep burning new ones for an additional song here and there whereas adding extra music onto a USB is as simple as it gets. Besides upgrading the unit to something like the Vline or connecting an MP3 player to the Aux port, is there another way to utilise the Aux port so i can easily add a USB stick through some kind of cable, connection etc. Ideally id like to use the interface to control audio playback like a CD which is a must for a USB. Even if i connected with an MP3 player, id like control via the head unit.
  24. So, i am just gagging to drop a LSD into my 09 ISF, its the one thing i really want to have in this car.. I have done a few bits and bobs to it over time and am THOROUGHLY enjoying it. So much so that i am contemplating trading in the 09 for a 13, same colour paint and interior. The whole upgrade could potentially be done with the same loan, albeit on a new loan period. So basically same payments but refresh the loan. My 09 has the following upgrades / mods: RR Racing USRS bushes (amazing steering feel) RR Racing Air Oil Separator HPS intake tube black silicone Bilstein B6 shocks (huge difference in comfort, though not as good as 12-13 onward cars) X-Force cat back Widened primaries after cats on factory headers Autowerks ECU tune 2011 Steering ECU upgrade (better mod than you would think, big difference) Credit card key bought from the states All in all, the only thing i really would froth over on the new car are: Better suspension LSD Diff Bluetooth streaming for music I would probably get someone to switch all of my goodies onto the new car, i certainly wont trade them in. So there may be a chance of a part out who knows. I would probably want my mods on the new car, especially the exhaust, USRS, intake tune and get it retuned. Tuning is the best thing i have done to that car. Let me know your opinions, because the other side is a drop a diff into mine for $3k and be done with it. I have maintained my car very well and its trouble free, around 90kms.
  25. I forgot to add as well, that i also got the techs to perform a transmission flush while I was having the bushes installed. I was noticing that the gears would sometimes flare on cold mornings soon after the car starts, and around corners. It was intermittent, but there was a definite pattern to it. I also had noticed a "clunk" when the car was shifting back to first in low speeds, in manual mode whether shifting full manual or changing by itself as you come to a rest, again in manual mode. I always thought it was odd. But then i read here: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-f-2008-2014/684878-mother-of-all-changing-atf-in-tranny-threads-see-99-for-level-set-instructions.html Basically after the flush and a transmission "ECU reset", all of these issues are gone. There is no easy way of flushing the transmission, and we got around it my just draining and refilling. This means there is some residue left each time because its not an entire flush. But we are getting around this by doing it a total of three times. Labor is minimal this method, and the oil is only $50 per 4 litres. Each flush takes roughly half of a oil tin, so i will do it once now, once pre track day check in Nov, then the final at the scheduled service in Feb. At this stage it appears to be a very worthwhile preventative measure, and the car now is behaving the way it would have off the show room floor. At minimum cost.
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