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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, Like the title says, I was just really curious if it's possible to somehow move the TRD Aurion's supercharged engine into my manual is200? I'm just thinking since they are both sedans. And also wanted to swap my is200s seats into the TRD Aurion's Plum or red leather seats but i wasn't sure if they would be compatible... I obviously don't have much knowledge about these cars other than I am a toyota fanboy because i love the is200 design so much and I used to dream of 2jzgte conversion in the future (like every is200 driver ever) until i thought about the TRD Aurions and how beast they are... but lately I have actually been working alot so I'm genuinely curious now if it's doable, I mean the is200 does have alot of empty space under the hood.. I think the supercharged engine would just be perfect for the is200 haha (and those seats wouldnt hurt too) haha if anyone knows and can answer would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Looking to do a swap on my 1gfe is200. Either turbo the 1g or go Honda motor because I can't afford a 3sge haha. Any thoughts or know anyone who has done this swap?
  3. This is my gxe10r is200 and I recently got my motor back from the shop after it was rebuilt now stupid me forgot to take pictures of the loom and all the ground cables etc. Kinda did it in a rush and it's been a while since I have worked on it here are some pictures of the main things I'm struggling with. The first picture is the ground cable to I'm assuming the bell housing but where exactly is the question. I know grounds go to chassis from block, bellhousing and head but just the points is the question. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Hey everyone, New member here from NSW and i was wondering if anyone could help me find a body kit for my lexus is200! ive looked in many places and cant seem to find anything good or with a lot of options!
  5. HI Guys, I have read that for Lexus IS200 the only right spark plugs are Denso iridium SK20R11 which are long life ( only need changing every 60k) does anyone know where I can buy these in Australia, searching online I could only find the SK20R on eBay from USA and Europe!!!, couldn't find any SK20 in Australia, the local stock in Australia is only the IK20 which are performance but needs changing every 30k instead of the SK20 which are long life at 60k, and are only available at two websites supercheap auto at 20 $ each and another website called brettstruck where you get them almost at 10 $ when you buy 5+ ( why the huge price difference anybody knows? ) Would appreciate if anyone can guide me on where to find them , I have read a lot of posts on this forum and a lot of you posted that you have changed your spark plugs with denso iridium, so I would be grateful if you can advice me of where you got your Denso SK20 spark plugs, as they seem to be available everywhere in the UK and USA but not in Oz Cheers
  6. Hi I’m looking at some tein superstreet coilovers for my 05 is200 is anyone running these? I can’t find many if any reviews so hoping to hear some feedback
  7. Hello everyone, a pleasure to be here! I hope to have a great experience with you all here on this forum. I am the proud owner of an IS 200 1999 Model with manual transmission. I'm also a red P-plater and have been on Sydney roads for almost 7 months now. I have recently gotten into the whole "Car Enthusiast community" and I hope to further expand my knowledge of cars, especially my car with everyone here :) Again a pleasure to be here and hope to have a great time together :D (sorry dont have any pictures of my car saved on PC so can't show them yet x-x)
  8. Hey guys, First post in the forum so apologies if posted in wrong section - First of all its great to be a part of the lexus side of things now.... this is coming from someone who moved on from BMW too! I will be picking up my first IS200 this Sunday and was wondering beforehand if there is any areas or websites around Victoria, Melbourne that specializes in selling used parts etc just in case for the future that I can find parts quickly since BMW use to charge an arm and a leg and 3rd party suppliers were hard to come by. Also, it's a Limited Caliente model, (if that makes a difference) was wondering what the difference between the normal and caliente models are? Thanks :)
  9. ive found two users on ebay who sell greddy lips for is200/is300 but when i email asking if itd fit a lexus is200 in aus, they say it wouldnt bc its for usdm spec front bumpers while the australian ones are jdm spec... any info on if this is true or not or any other recommended places to buy a greddy lip for an is200? thanks
  10. Hey guys, I've just come across a GROM Audio devices that allows for Bluetooth and AUX integration into the stock radio. I've found a site where I can purchase one in Australia, here's the link (http://www.cushieaudio.com.au/lexus-bt3.html). My question is, from the link provided, which option do I pick under "Lexus Data Cable"? I don't have access to the back of the stereo at the moment, so I'm hoping someone out there knows which option is correct for my car (listed below) Here are the options available if you're not able to access the link. Data Cable (TOY) - $20.95 Data Cable (TOY-1) - $20.95 Data Cable (TOY-F) - $19.95 Data Cable (LEX) - $22.95 I have a Lexus IS200 2004 with built in navigation (not sure if that makes a difference). If you need any other information, please let me know. Thanks!
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