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  1. I've decided to go for electronic exhaust cutout and looking for any tips and/or advice from people who have installed them on their cars. Main reason for cutouts is I enjoy the luxury and quiet aspect of the IS250, but also want to have some fun with it. The main decision I need help in making is the location to put the cutout. From what I can see on the Exhaust System Diagram, there are 3 main locations to place the cutout: Before the muffler and after the resonator - this looks like the easiest location to install Before the resonator and after the secondary catalytic - this looks difficult to install as there doesn't seem to be much space. I've seen people suggest to do a resonator delete and installing a cutout inplace of the resonator. My concern with this is the permanent removal of the resonator and droning. Before the secondary catalytic and after the primary catalytic - the cutout would have to be installed after the oxygen sensors (I've looked into bypassing the sensors and that is not something I'm willing to do) and I would need two of them. In order of preferences, it would be 3->2->1 as I'm just looking for a louder and deeper exhaust note. Location 3 looks like this on the IS-F. However, the piping before the secondary catalytic does not seem to be the same for the IS250. This is my main concern as I'm not sure what these pipes are and whether they serve a specific function. If these pipes can be replaced without any side effects, I would opt for location 3 as this would essentially be a straight pipe with the cutouts in this location. For the actual cutout itself, I've only found the XForce Varex and the Proflow Series II. Would appreciate if anyone knows of/installed other brand exhaust cutouts near Sydney or can be shipped.
  2. For sale is a Borla Axle Back Exhaust for the IS-F. Nice subtle tone to bring out the v8 without being too over the top. Price: $500 Pickup Sydney, otherwise could organise shipping at buyers expense.
  3. Hi, Selling axle back piece of INVIDIA performance exhaust for 2015 shape Lexus is350 and 250 only on the car for a month Selling partial mid pipe missing piece that connects to headers only on the car for about a year PM me with a price located in NSW Leppington
  4. A used invidia q300 mid pipe and catback exhaust system for Lexus IS for sale in Brisbane. It’s 80% new, come ask with price. (A brand new one worth $2400) Delivery available. Contact: 0466687668 (text only) Max
  5. Hi I bought an 05 is300, I have a nice note out of the cat back I installed. But I would like to buy these 5 to 1 headers from the US for 170 AUD. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332738594033 From videos I've watched, the heat generated can melt your stock intake, possibly melt the fuel rail directly above them and possible cause a carpet fire if I don't try and repurpos some bits of shielding. Any advIce would be much appreciated. And yes I will be getting a retune after the header install
  6. I have an MY11 OEM exhaust fore sale - perfect condition. $350 Located in Melbourne Cheers, Jamie
  7. Hey all, I am new to this forum as well as to Lexus cars. I have started to do some entry level mods. I'm wondering if you can advise me of your experience on muffler delete vs hi performance exhaust (HPE) system. I'm interested in replacing the entire exhaust system however, money is bit tight so i'm choosing cheaper alternative till i ma able to buy it. Please see for my questions below- 1- What is the sound difference like from HPE to simple muffler delete? (Noise level, Clarity, low grunt or unpleasant loud) 2- Does removing the muffler increases the annoying humming sound and is it noticeable? 3- To those who had deleted the mufflers, did you experience any low end torque loss? 4- Any idea how much it'll cost to remove muffler and replace piping? (I'm after a very rough idea) 5- Is there any possibility of removing just 1 muffler instead of both to have the sound at lower volume? I wonder if it'll cause other issues. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hey guys, Just looking for some thoughts and personal experience for an axle or cat back exhaust for a 3IS 200t (2017, facelift). I've been searching around on the forums and other places but can't really find exact information, I'm looking for quad tips which will fit with the factory diffuser. Brands I've managed to find so far in Australia are; Invidia, Ark and custom. There doesn't seem to be any quad tip options available for the IS but a multitude for the RC. Has anyone fitted an aftermarket quad tip RC on the IS without changing anything else? Went to a few shops around Sydney today to speak to people. One place recommended getting an invidia RC tip but I'm not sure if the aesthetic fitment will work. There is the single tip option for axle back (will add the mid pipe down the line). Or the Ark catback, but for the price it doesn't seem worthwhile on a 200t. Can anyone give personal advice and pics of what they've done (also where and price)? Cheers,
  9. There is a fella over in the states pushing the boundaries on the GSF, and is intent on building "the best GSF in America". As a future GSF owner (hopefully!) i find the thread a great read. Most exciting is the confirmation of RR Racing have the GSF ecu tune operational.. So not long until we can see the full bolt on (FBO) numbers with the slightly enhanced 5 litre than what i have in the ISF. Very exciting times for GSF owners!! http://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-f-2016-present/836452-usbgsf16-s-build-thread.html
  10. This was how I got my isf. I have now got a takeda stage 2 intake installed and a x force catback exhaust installed. Very happy with the results.
  11. Gotta be one of the best factory exhaust notes out there!!
  12. Hi team, up for sale are my 2.5inch inlet xforce mufflers. As these are generic mufflers they can be adapted to fit onto a stock ISF, IS350 and pretty sure IS250 exhaust. this is perfect for someone that doesn’t want a full exhaust but wants more volume from their stock exhaust. A much cheaper alternative - gives a great deep tone price: $350 firm for both postage: pick up only from Hornsby many questions let me know. ph: to be provided to winning bidder
  13. Limited units 4 brand new Invidia Mid pipes IS350 with stop mufflers and invidia mid pipes yours for $600 pick up or $620 shipped to your door
  14. I have a modified OEM mid pipe for sale, with the rear axle section also available. The mid pipe has the following modifications: Cats removed Resonator removed Inlet from primaries widened to 3 inches As per the pictures, the modifications actually made a gain in power (exhaust mod line), and sound pretty damn nice too. The stock rear mufflers mean there is no drone, everything is just more "enhanced" for sound and power. I put a few photos up also of the mods you should do to the primary cats to increase to 3 inches to match up to the mid pipe, makes a huge difference. Asking $300 for mid pipe only and $400 for mid pipe with the rear section. The modifications would cost more to complete, so this is good value. I can text a vid of the sound if needed. PM or call for any info 0433 146 146
  15. Hi Guys, I am selling my ISF so car is being returned to stock, if anyone is interested in a Joe Z exhaust get in touch. You can come and have a listen to the car before you buy if you wish. I am looking for $1,500 PM me if interested
  16. up for sale is my magnaflow cat-back exhaust. http://www.magnaflow.com/products?partnumber=16764 selling as no longer have a IS250/IS350. NOTE: Exhaust will need an alignment on the left side. $540
  17. Looking for a set of headers for the ISF, either new or second hand, though prefer second hand for $$ reasons. I am in the Northbridge / Crows Nest area. Thanks in advance!! James
  18. I'm looking for invidia mid-pipes, on eBay their about 450 shipped from usa. wondering if anyone has any here, it would be more convenient. also: an axle-back exhaust / varex for cheap. Or similar Also interested on aftermarket parts for 2is, feel free to message me what your selling. Thanks guys!
  19. For sale is a Greddy SP Elite Axle Back Exhaust for 2is. SOLD
  20. Hi, I have a rear bumper bar for sale that came off my previous IS-F complete with all exhaust tips and parking sensors. Needs to be repainted as due to handling while in storage the paint got scratched. Another item I have for sale is a Borla catback exhaust. It sound great and only selling due another upgrade. http://www.borla.com/products/is_f_catback_exhaust_stype_part__12656.html Also have two R888 tires for sale. 265/35/19 approx 60% threads left, in very good condition will do two track days easy or plenty of km on the road. About $500 each new. Open to offers.
  21. Hi Guys, I have a Brola Catback exhaust which i purchased off a forum member in Qld and decided not to go down the route of installing it. This is worth $2100 new from Best Exhaust in Canberra (official borla importer) I am willing to sell it for $550 pick up. I purchased for $720 At this price I'm sure that it will go quickly. BTW it also has 200CEL rated hi flow cats welded in already so that you don't have to go to the added expense. Contact me on 0410 988 513 Will be available to view from Saturday onwards (I'm away for work) Thanks, Alex
  22. I have for sale somewhere in my backyard out of an 07 is250 AIRBOX HEADLIGHTS EXHAUST GRILL SUSPENSION LEXUS 19" WHEELS looking for offers S.E melbourne zero four two one one two three seven zero zero will post photos soon Thanks Jono
  23. Hey all, New ISF owner here. I promised myself when I bought the ISF I wouldn't mod it - after all, its such a nice car out of the box! But the modifier in me reared its head and im in the process of organising a Borla exhaust and ordered PPE headers from FIGS engineering in USA. By no means am I affiliated with the company, but I have to say that Mike from FIGS has been awesome! very knowledgeable guy, very generous with is time and overall a pleasure to deal with. He has informed me that with the RHD PPE headers there have been improvements since earlier models, with slight modifications to eliminate ALL steering rack interference, no mater how small. they have sold 3 sets prior to mine with no issues since the improvements. If you are looking at getting any suspension or exhaust set ups for your F, make sure to hit these guys up. Even though he is on the otherside of the equator his responses were always timely and on point. ill post pics once I have received the goods and they have been installed. Has anyone else here got a similar set up? What are your thoughts? Whats the sound like?
  24. Hello, I'm getting a custom made Stainless steel exhaust made from a metal fabricator for my IS, I'm not too sure on whether to go 2.5" or 3"....Please give me some advice ASAP this is getting completed on the 20 - 02 - 2015
  25. Hey guys so i am wanting to upgrade my mufflers and was hoping to get some opinions on what i should be looking at brand and model wise to give my 2012 is350 f sport a deeper note. I already have removed the rear resonator and replaced the rear cats with high flowing ones but would still like a little more of a beefier sound. Any advise would be much appriciated
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