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Found 9 results

  1. I'm looking to spray my calipers on my IS350 F the same colour or something as close to the orange calipers on the the new F line of lexus. If anyone knows where i can get the paint or something similar please let me know as ive searched all corners of the internet with no success. It seems like its just that shade of orange is no where to be found. I might try the dealer tomorrow but not sure how much luck ill have. Pic for reference Thanks
  2. Hey guys, does anyone here have a grille for a 3IS F sport (2013-2016) for sale?including the chrome trim.Thanks! pic for reference
  3. Hey all, I am new to this forum as well as to Lexus cars. I have started to do some entry level mods. I'm wondering if you can advise me of your experience on muffler delete vs hi performance exhaust (HPE) system. I'm interested in replacing the entire exhaust system however, money is bit tight so i'm choosing cheaper alternative till i ma able to buy it. Please see for my questions below- 1- What is the sound difference like from HPE to simple muffler delete? (Noise level, Clarity, low grunt or unpleasant loud) 2- Does removing the muffler increases the annoying humming sound and is it noticeable? 3- To those who had deleted the mufflers, did you experience any low end torque loss? 4- Any idea how much it'll cost to remove muffler and replace piping? (I'm after a very rough idea) 5- Is there any possibility of removing just 1 muffler instead of both to have the sound at lower volume? I wonder if it'll cause other issues. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hey everyone! Soon enough I'm going to be an owner of an IS350, and I'm very excited about it, however I have some questions I'm hoping you guys here could help me out with! I'm not too familiar with Lexus' so I'm not sure what cars are safe to buy, how many KM's are considered "high" for this car before things start breaking/needing replacement? Should I be worrying that much about whether or not something expensive is going to go wrong when I get one? What badge type would you guys recommend? Personally I'm wanting the 'Sports Luxury' just because it has a heap of nice features (ventilated seats, premium sound, distance control, memory seats, etc) that some other badges lack. Otherwise I'm really liking the 'F-Sport' too. Would it really be a bad option if I inevitably went with the 'Prestige' or 'X'? Any regrets picking them? I say this because the market for these cars in Victoria (within my budget) doesn't appear to be very big and I can't wait forever for the right one to pop up. I've heard the 'flappy paddle' gear shift in these cars doesn't actually let you control the current gear you're in (rather, they control the maximum gear the auto transmission shifts to). Is this true? If there's anything else you guys think I should know about this car then please let me know! I've done quite a bit of research, but there's always more to know. Thanks heaps!!
  5. For sale are 18 inch f sport wheels off a 2014 IS350. 5x114.3
  6. Start the topic with some quick photos from my phone, Titanium 200t F-Sport EP1
  7. Hey everyone I'm new to the forum so forgive me if this topic has already been covered, I bought a is250 f sport on 75,000ks and I have had it for a year, recently I noticed a pop up on my screen saying engine oil contact this dealer for maintenance, now iv only done 7,000 ks in the last year and when I go to setup>vehicle >maintenance>engine oil on the screen it says distance: 15,000km remaining: 8123km, very confused, I know the next service is the major 90,000km but I havnt done nowhere near that, should I get the car serviced anyway cause it's been a year or should I just get the engine oil renewed even though it says remaining 8123km, I have been quoted by Lexus of chatswood service department $970 for the 90,000km major service, if this price is too much if someone could advice me to a another service department would be much appreciated, thanks. P.S purchased the car from Lexus of Brighton in Melbourne, living in Sydney.
  8. Being new to the scene I've notice that the F sport version is mostly cosmetic for both the exterior and interior of the car. So I am considering buying some of the F sport parts from "Sewell Parts" such as "F-Sport Performance lowering Spring Set" but it seems like these part are classified as aftermarket parts in Australia. I'm not sure if it's permitted to install these into the car without voiding the warranty. Also if I do get these parts ordered, I will most likely get a professional to do it like the dealership service centre e.g. Chatswood. If any experts in the modding scene can point me in a direction; it would be very much appreciated.
  9. Hi, I'm Craig. I have just taken delivery of my new is350 Mercury Grey F Sport. Although this is the first Lexus I have owned, I was lucky enough to have been driving them as company cars for the last few years. This is the first F Sport I have had (the others were luxury and prestige). Thank you for having me on your forum.