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  1. Hi guys, Like the title says, I was just really curious if it's possible to somehow move the TRD Aurion's supercharged engine into my manual is200? I'm just thinking since they are both sedans. And also wanted to swap my is200s seats into the TRD Aurion's Plum or red leather seats but i wasn't sure if they would be compatible... I obviously don't have much knowledge about these cars other than I am a toyota fanboy because i love the is200 design so much and I used to dream of 2jzgte conversion in the future (like every is200 driver ever) until i thought about the TRD Aurions and how beast they are... but lately I have actually been working alot so I'm genuinely curious now if it's doable, I mean the is200 does have alot of empty space under the hood.. I think the supercharged engine would just be perfect for the is200 haha (and those seats wouldnt hurt too) haha if anyone knows and can answer would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey so I'm trying to find a gauge pod for a right hand drive is200. I wanted one of those centre console ones, but they all seem to be made for left hand drive. Something like this (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3972096). Have you guys had any luck finding these that face right for us right hand drive folks.
  3. Looking to do a swap on my 1gfe is200. Either turbo the 1g or go Honda motor because I can't afford a 3sge haha. Any thoughts or know anyone who has done this swap?
  4. This is my gxe10r is200 and I recently got my motor back from the shop after it was rebuilt now stupid me forgot to take pictures of the loom and all the ground cables etc. Kinda did it in a rush and it's been a while since I have worked on it here are some pictures of the main things I'm struggling with. The first picture is the ground cable to I'm assuming the bell housing but where exactly is the question. I know grounds go to chassis from block, bellhousing and head but just the points is the question. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hi guys , new here but not new to the is200 scene ! i have been having issues diagnosing the problem I’m about to speak about for a while now and I cannot for the life of me figure it out so please can I borrow some of you’re brain cells for this one ! did single mass conversion , everything working as it should , a few months go by and all of a sudden I get this gear oil smell and smoke coming into cabin , I get the car onto my hoist and check it out , no visable leaks etc . Another few months go by and I’m driving from Sydney to Brisbane and my gear box blows halfway up ( losing every gear besides 5th ) I get trailered to Brisbane and I found a new gear box with 152k kms and I changed it over with still the same gear oil smell ??? keep in mind , fly wheel is good , brand new HD clutch , fly and clutch both excedy , 75w - 90 gear oil used , 2.5 litres straight into gear box and no visable leaks ! hopefully someone here can solve this problem for me lmao thx for reading guys and gals !
  6. Hey everyone, New member here from NSW and i was wondering if anyone could help me find a body kit for my lexus is200! ive looked in many places and cant seem to find anything good or with a lot of options!
  7. HI Guys, I have read that for Lexus IS200 the only right spark plugs are Denso iridium SK20R11 which are long life ( only need changing every 60k) does anyone know where I can buy these in Australia, searching online I could only find the SK20R on eBay from USA and Europe!!!, couldn't find any SK20 in Australia, the local stock in Australia is only the IK20 which are performance but needs changing every 30k instead of the SK20 which are long life at 60k, and are only available at two websites supercheap auto at 20 $ each and another website called brettstruck where you get them almost at 10 $ when you buy 5+ ( why the huge price difference anybody knows? ) Would appreciate if anyone can guide me on where to find them , I have read a lot of posts on this forum and a lot of you posted that you have changed your spark plugs with denso iridium, so I would be grateful if you can advice me of where you got your Denso SK20 spark plugs, as they seem to be available everywhere in the UK and USA but not in Oz Cheers
  8. Hi I’m looking at some tein superstreet coilovers for my 05 is200 is anyone running these? I can’t find many if any reviews so hoping to hear some feedback
  9. Hi I’m looking at some tein superstreet coilovers for my 05 is200 is anyone running these? I can’t find many if any reviews so hoping to hear some feedback
  10. Hey everyone I was just wondering how rare the yellow edition IS200s are in manual. Only 100 were made and I myself have an auto, #69/100 but I was just curious what portion were made autos and how many were manual?
  11. Hi, New forum poster I drive a 2004 Lexus Is200 manual 67,000km. A bit of backstory - The car is my father's (he is the second owner of the vehicle since '06) and is entirely stock other than a a few things I have put in recently - Kenwood BT Head Unit, K&N Engine and Cabin Air Filter and I just changed the Engine Oil to Full Synthetic 5w-40 HPR5 Penrite, replaced Engine Oil FIlter with new OEM Denso and 75w-90 Semi Synthetic Gearbox Oil last weekend on a family friends hoist which was a cool experience - Running beautifully now with the oil changed (I don't think it had been serviced in at least 2 years so was definitely in need). The car is in great nick for a vehicle that has lived outside most of its life. It has been the car I learned to drive manual in for the past couple of years and I love it. When I was on my L's in the early stages of getting the feel for the clutch and accelerator, just moving back and forth in my driveway and blipping the accelerator pedal I noticed there was a bit of slack in the pedal where by nothing would happen when I pressed pedal down for the first part of the travel, then once the pedal started to engage and I felt notchiness / stickiness sensation. So, I adjusted the throttle cable just a little bit to reduce the amount of slack which was successful. There is no longer any excess movement of nothing happening when accelerator pedal is depressed BUT there is still this notchiness / stickiness that is quite bothersome. Ever since I adjusted the throttle cable which was over a year ago now (now on my green P's), I have just put up with this notchiness as it is not a huge issue, it is more a nit pick type of thing. It is hard to pickup the feel of it unless I am quite delicate on the accelerator but I do find it to be a critical part of the accelerator pedals movement - just adding a bit of throttle and then releasing clutch to get going. The notchiness / stickiness is only apparent of the initial part of the pedal movement for 1 or 2 millimeters when the throttle body starts to open and thus increase in revs above idle - after the initial movement the pedal is smooth as butter all the way. Another point I would like to make is when I depress the accelerator pedal with the car off there is no sign of this notchiness / stickiness whatsoever, It is only when the car is on and running. I would love to try and solve it myself if anyone has experienced this type of behavior before in an Is200 or any car for that matter I would greatly appreciate it. James
  12. Hello everyone, a pleasure to be here! I hope to have a great experience with you all here on this forum. I am the proud owner of an IS 200 1999 Model with manual transmission. I'm also a red P-plater and have been on Sydney roads for almost 7 months now. I have recently gotten into the whole "Car Enthusiast community" and I hope to further expand my knowledge of cars, especially my car with everyone here :) Again a pleasure to be here and hope to have a great time together :D (sorry dont have any pictures of my car saved on PC so can't show them yet x-x)
  13. Hey fellow Lexus Owners, Recently joined the Lexus club and well I decided it's about time to join the forums, i've had my IS200 for about 3 months and have a lot of plans for it! such as 1jz/2jz! I absolutely love the car and well I know you guys will be able to help me out with a lot of modifications I'll be doing on the car! So I decided to vlog about my car on Youtube and do modifications which IS200/IS300/Altezza owners or just people in the car community can benefit from, I'd appreciate it if you guys checked it out and supported me, and well i'm here to help you guys with anything you need that is car related! So feel free to subscribe to my channel if you like the content! Here is my most recent video:
  14. Hey fellow Lexus Owners, Recently joined the Lexus club, i've had my IS200 for about 3 months and have a lot of plans for it! such as 1jz/2jz! I absolutely love the car and well I know you guys will be able to help me out with a lot of modifications I'll be doing on the car! So I decided to vlog about my car on Youtube and do modifications which IS200/IS300/Altezza owners or just people in the car community can benefit from, I'd appreciate it if you guys checked it out and supported me, and well i'm here to help you guys with anything you need that is car related! So feel free to subscribe to my channel if you like the content! Here is my most recent video:
  15. My name's Steve and I've just joined the Lexus owners club, all thanks to my darling wife. You see about two weeks ago she went out on a quiet Saturday afternoon with a teacher friend of hers on a visit to Kelly Tarltons (which is like a mixture between an aquarium and a penguin farm, but also with sharks) ahead of a school trip (she was scouting it out to prevent the children from swimming with said sharks). As she was merrily chatting away to her friend and not looking at the road ahead while driving (a skill that females seem to be well versed in) an innocent Holden Commodore with a huge towball appeared in front of her. Her friend (let's call her Sue) said "lookout!" My wife slammed on the brakes but it was too late and she unintentionally caused some extensive modifications to the front end of our 1998 Toyota Corolla (see photo for reference) Not really the kind of modifications one usually appreciates, however there are exceptions to the rule (like when your insurance company pays out more for the car than what you think it's worth). This was one of those exceptions. Barely ten minutes after they had left it seemed like they returned home again, my wife looked rather sheepish and said to me "Do you want to go car shopping?" first thoughts through my head 'Oh no, please don't tell me something's broken. Maybe the power steering belt has finally snapped...' "Why?" I replied. "Well, I may have had a little accident..." My eyes lit up at this new revelation, I had been forbidden from purchasing a new car at the start of the year due to saving for sensible grown up things like a house (I'm told you need one of these before you have those things called children), this despite the fact that our Corolla was heading for 300,000kms quite rapidly. A door of endless possibilities had just been opened up, and my hopes were dashed as I remembered the car was only insured for a paltry $4,000. In reality how much more could I convince my wife to spend over the insured amount? I was hoping beyond hope that the car would be written off, but when I took it to the panel beater he told me all the parts that had been damaged were bolt on and it may not be written off. I tried to hold back tears as I digested this devastating news, but it turned out that thankfully he was wrong. Once the quote for parts and everything came back the insurance company said "We'd rather give you a check than fix your car!" To which I jumped for joy and continued scouring the web for cars within my limited budget. My Lexus was actually on Trademe for more money than I was permitted to spend by the boss, however it did say 'or near offer' on the listing and that gave me a some hope that I might be able to procure this fine piece of automotive engineering. It's a 1999 Lexus IS200 2.0 with the 1G-FE. It has 191,000kms on the clock and it has been looked after superbly. The first thing I noticed when I went to take a look at the car was the condition of the paint (although it had been valeted), ooooh it was shiny! The headlights looked perfectly clear, no oxidization at all which for a car of this age is surprising, but the reason for this is that the previous owner had garaged the car for the seven years he'd had it. I had a chat with the owner and found out that the cambelt hasn't been changed yet and it also hadn't had an oil change for a while (so she wasn't quite as perfect as she looked). Then I took her for a test drive, she drove smooth and firmly planted on the road. The straight six in this beauty is a really nice engine, however there are two faults that I notice almost immediately with the car: 1.) One of the brake discs up front shudders lightly under braking at neighbourhood speeds and more noticeably on the motorway at higher speeds (I have bought new discs and pads to replace the front discs and pads this weekend which I will post on later). 2.) More concerning for me (as I have lead foot's disease - I don't think it's heriditary?) was that the car has some hesitation in first gear when you put your foot down (got it checked by my mechanic, he doesn't think it's the transmission which made me happy enough to purchase the car). The interesting thing about this problem is that it's only when you put your foot flat on the accelerator in first gear that it happens, it just sits there for a few seconds as if its being choked from behind and then it hits 4k rpm and she's off into the sunset. Also first gear changes up early at about 5.5k rpm whereas second gear will keep going up to just over 6k rpm before it changes up. Although when I took it on the motorway I noticed that it feels underpowered in second gear until you hit 5k rpm and then the VVTI kicks in and snaps your neck back into the headrest like an angry bear (after you've just touched one of her cubs). This leads to a potential third issue which I believe must be connected to the second issue - poor fuel consumption. My wife doesn't drive very far, only to school and back each day, and maybe to the gym (so that she can stay strong enough to keep me in line), or the supermarket. I brimmed the tank full the other day and after 50kms it was already below the top F line, now this may just be due to the way the fuel gauge reads in this car or it could be that she's got a serious drinking problem (the car I meant, not my wife). Overall I'm very happy with the purchase, I bargained the guy down to $3,500 an extra $200 over what the insurance company gave us after they'd taken out the excess (this is a steal as similar cars on trademe with higher mileage were around the $5k mark) and the car is the tidiest I have ever seen with this kind of mileage. Yes there are some minor issues but I will be working on fixing them and I will aim to keep you updated with the progress and any learnings I make during the way. Today I will be replacing the lower ball joints, brake discs and pads and doing an oil change with my good friend Luke, (he likes Hondas but please don't hold it against him) and if I still have time I'll change the fuel filter and check to see if the cat is clogged (might take the exhaust off inc the cat and take it for a drive just to annoy the neighbours - I mean all in the name of troubleshooting... I know that cars don't run great without the exhaust but if it's the cat that's causing the hesitation/flat spot then taking it off might just illuminate the problem). I'll also take some pictures of the work and a short video of the hesitation problem and upload it to youtube. If you've read my entire longwinded post, well done! I've uploaded some photos of my new IS200 for your viewing pleasure. Steve.
  16. Hi guys, All week I had been hanging out to head down to my friend Luke's place show off the car to him, and get a few maintenance jobs done. It turned into a bit of a nightmare, but it wasn't the cars fault. No, no, no. You see normally when I go to Supercheap Auto ahead of an oil change I buy Ryco oil filters, I have never had an issue with a Ryco filter before and they cost a couple of dollars more than a Supercheap one. Because I've never had issues with them I always buy them, simple right? However last week for whatever reason I had a massive brain fart and decided that I would try a Supercheap filter. The box said it was compatible with the same numbered Ryco one that was recommended for the IS200 with the 1G-FE engine so I thought 'hey it's a few dollars cheaper why not give it a shot! They wouldn't be selling it if it didn't work right?' Well boy, was I ever wrong! We spent all afternoon slaving over the car, changed the ball joints, discs and brake pads (which I was going to take photos of and do a write up on but the nasty flu my wife had last week caught up with me. I was lucky enough I could keep my eyes open while underneath the car). Then came the 'easy' part, I say easy because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to change the oil in a car right? I mean you could probably teach a five year old to do it blindfolded as long as you gave him an air gun to undo the sump plug (yes it would be messy but this creates a somewhat satisfying image in my mind). As I discovered for the 1G-FE you need hands as small as a five year old to undo the stupid damn oil filter that a 'kind' Japanese engineer sitting at a nice clean desk (who probably never changed an oil filter in his life) decided would fit nicely underneath the inlet manifold - completely inaccessible by any normal person with hands larger than said five year old. By some miraculous contorting of my arms in ways and angles I didn't know they could move or bend I managed to get the old filter out OK, and then put the new one on without cross threading it (yes somehow I managed to stay awake too). I made sure I tightened the sump plug and then topped up the oil, so far so good. Fortunately my friend was outside watching the car when I was about to leave, the brakes felt spongy so when he started yelling "stop, stop, stop the car!" I thought it was brake fluid and we must've accidentally ruptured something. "Turn it off!" I turned it off pretty quickly and found that most of the new oil that I had put in my engine was now streaming down his nice clean driveway... "Uh-oh!" Friend climbs under the car, I crank the engine, oil spurting out from where? Can't be? The SCA oil filter... Took the SCA filter off and put the old one back on, topped up the oil. Started the car, no leaks! Memo to self, never buy another @#$%@$% SCA oil filter again! The box says they'll either replace it or give me a refund if I'm not satisfied, guess which one I'll be taking. Aside from that new pads, discs and suspension mounts feel great, cars off for a wheel alignment this afternoon. Now I've just got one more issue to fix...
  17. Hey guys, First post in the forum so apologies if posted in wrong section - First of all its great to be a part of the lexus side of things now.... this is coming from someone who moved on from BMW too! I will be picking up my first IS200 this Sunday and was wondering beforehand if there is any areas or websites around Victoria, Melbourne that specializes in selling used parts etc just in case for the future that I can find parts quickly since BMW use to charge an arm and a leg and 3rd party suppliers were hard to come by. Also, it's a Limited Caliente model, (if that makes a difference) was wondering what the difference between the normal and caliente models are? Thanks :)
  18. Hi everyone, I am new for is200 and also for this forum. I have a problem with my 2000 is200 keyfob. As normal, when I push the lock button on my keyfob, the thief detection system will be actived (beep and light once);the front mirror will be closed and the door will be locked. However, a few days ago after I wash my car, problem happen!! When I push the lock button, the thief detection system can be actived and the front mirror will be closed, but the door cannot be locked!! For now, i need to close the door by key and than active the thief detection system. Anyone have any ideas for my situration and what can I do?? Thank.
  19. ive found two users on ebay who sell greddy lips for is200/is300 but when i email asking if itd fit a lexus is200 in aus, they say it wouldnt bc its for usdm spec front bumpers while the australian ones are jdm spec... any info on if this is true or not or any other recommended places to buy a greddy lip for an is200? thanks
  20. Hey guys, I just recently bought a blue 1999 IS200 manual with the money I've saved up from working for 2 years. You can say that this car is my real first car and I am very proud to call it my own! To be honest, I am really excited to finally modify this car to my heart's content. I will soon make a build thread for my car as I have many plans for it, as soon as I do more research on parts and get more mullah :) I know a tiny bit about actually doing car things but I am super interested in the JDM car scene and I am certain this would be a very big learning experience for me. I hope when I'm finished with my little IS200, it'll be perfect, in my eyes anyway. Cheers, Jeff
  21. Hi all, I used to own a Toyota Altezza and i still have these left over and im cleaning out the garage. I need them gone asap so throw me offers. Im looking for $100 for everything. 1 x Spoiler 1 x set of taillight covers. Im based in Melbourne, txt me on 0409 248 099 as i will not check my inbox. Thankyou.
  22. Hey guys, I've just come across a GROM Audio devices that allows for Bluetooth and AUX integration into the stock radio. I've found a site where I can purchase one in Australia, here's the link (http://www.cushieaudio.com.au/lexus-bt3.html). My question is, from the link provided, which option do I pick under "Lexus Data Cable"? I don't have access to the back of the stereo at the moment, so I'm hoping someone out there knows which option is correct for my car (listed below) Here are the options available if you're not able to access the link. Data Cable (TOY) - $20.95 Data Cable (TOY-1) - $20.95 Data Cable (TOY-F) - $19.95 Data Cable (LEX) - $22.95 I have a Lexus IS200 2004 with built in navigation (not sure if that makes a difference). If you need any other information, please let me know. Thanks!
  23. Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum. I have an IS200 auto. When attempting to reconnect battery terminals, the car alarm sounds. Odd, because this did not happen on a previous occasion when I was reconnecting the battery. Is there a procedure for connecting the terminals without having to disable the alarm/horn? Appreciate any advice. Thanks
  24. Hi all, I am looking to purchase an IS200 in Brisbane (or surrounding areas). I took one for a test drive last week and know that I have found my next car! Ideally, it would need to be automatic and have less than 200,000 kms. Am looking to spend about $10,000 but would be willing to go higher for the right car. PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks, Shaun
  25. So for the last few month I have been having problems with my 99' Lexus IS200. It seems that there was a problem with the alarm that has been setting is off at all hours of the morning. The only way I found around it was to leave my car unlocked over night, which wasn't very comforting. So I was reading around the forums for a fix but I couldn't find a clear solution for it. I found that it may be the motion sensor that was causing the problem but I couldn't find out if it could be disabled or how to disable it, so I went hunting. I decided that I would remove the roof lining and heat shrink all the wires as this may have been the problem. After pulling my entire roof apart I found that the motion sensor itself was inside the dome light and that it was as simple as unscrewing 3 screws and disconnecting a single harness. So if you are having the same problem try disconnecting it before you go ahead and waste a lot of time haha. I have only just disconnected the sensor so I'm not 100% sure if it is the problem but I'm certain that it is. I will post back in a few days telling you how I go. Disable motion sensor Time: 5 minutes Difficulty: Easy Motion sensor harness: The big circle is the motion sensor. The small circle is the harness to disconnect. Removing roof lining Time: 40 minutes Difficulty: Intermediate 1. Remove the A-pillar by gently pulling. 2. Remove the B-pillar by removing the seat belt cover, unbolt the 14mm seat belt bolt and gently pull the cover off. 3. Remove the C-pillar the same as the A-pillar. 4. Remove the map light by pulling down or prying it. 5. Remove dome light by removing the lens cover and unscrewing the 3 screws. 6. Remove rear-view mirror by prying the cover and removing the 2 screws. 7. Remove the sun visors by removing the 2 screws on the outer side, disconnect the harness and remove the screw holding the pivot point. 8. Remove the grab handles by removing the covers on the end of the handles and unbolt the 2 bolts on either end. 9. Remove the 2 push in clips near the rear window(sorry no pictures) 10. Remove the roof lining. The roof lining should now be completely free. The easiest way I found to get it out is by folding down the passengers seat and removing the liner through the rear passengers door. I hope this helps anyone who is having the same problem as me. If you have an questions feel free to post of pm me. If anyone is curious I may weigh some of the part for those wondering about weight stripping If you would like to see more photos click the link below: http://s839.photobucket.com/user/Matt_Shipman/library/Lexus%20IS200%20roof%20lining%20and%20alarm%20problem
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