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  1. Recently bought a 2011 is250 prestige. It has low km and is in very good condition but over the past few days there has been an increasingly loud humming noise / vibrations from(what feels to be) the front right tyre. I've been to 2 mechanics and they have confirmed it is not a wheel bearing, it may be the tyre itself but they aren't sure. The tyres are continental maxcontact mc6. About the noise: -noticeable at all speeds - more noticeable at low speeds -continuous sort of humming/vibration -has gotten louder in the past few days -i would say it is similar to that noise when your car travels through a tunnel I would appreciate if people can comment ideas or let me know if they've had a similar issue.
  2. Hi, I'm a new poster on the forum, but have been reading through all of the great information for the last year. Thanks for posting! I bought my 2007 IS250 just over a year ago (162k) on the clock and have run into the faulty amplifier problem earlier this year. I think I may have inadvertently damaged the head unit aswell. Are there any amp repairers people have used? All sound stopped working just before I took it for its 175k service at Lexus Sutherland. They quoted me $1,000 to have it fixed by Pioneer. I would hear the click click noise from the front left speakers and it would intermittently work (generally after the car was not used for a week or so, and then once the car was turned off it again it wouldn't work for another week or so). I took it out to seal the pressure vent on that side and when I plugged it back in I went for a drive. The radio was working and I noticed a weird smell in the cabin (I had been to Bunnings so thought it was to do with the soil). There was then a high pitched noise from the speakers and the radio wouldn't turn off. I unplugged the amp and the noise and smell stopped. I think it might have been something in the head unit burning. I've ordered a secondhand amp from the UK for ¬$220, which will hopefully work and will allow me to test to see if the burning smell comes back. It would be great to find a mechanic who is experienced with the faulty amps who might be able to fix the existing amp and see if there is a new fault with the head unit. Thanks, Steve
  3. I've decided to go for electronic exhaust cutout and looking for any tips and/or advice from people who have installed them on their cars. Main reason for cutouts is I enjoy the luxury and quiet aspect of the IS250, but also want to have some fun with it. The main decision I need help in making is the location to put the cutout. From what I can see on the Exhaust System Diagram, there are 3 main locations to place the cutout: Before the muffler and after the resonator - this looks like the easiest location to install Before the resonator and after the secondary catalytic - this looks difficult to install as there doesn't seem to be much space. I've seen people suggest to do a resonator delete and installing a cutout inplace of the resonator. My concern with this is the permanent removal of the resonator and droning. Before the secondary catalytic and after the primary catalytic - the cutout would have to be installed after the oxygen sensors (I've looked into bypassing the sensors and that is not something I'm willing to do) and I would need two of them. In order of preferences, it would be 3->2->1 as I'm just looking for a louder and deeper exhaust note. Location 3 looks like this on the IS-F. However, the piping before the secondary catalytic does not seem to be the same for the IS250. This is my main concern as I'm not sure what these pipes are and whether they serve a specific function. If these pipes can be replaced without any side effects, I would opt for location 3 as this would essentially be a straight pipe with the cutouts in this location. For the actual cutout itself, I've only found the XForce Varex and the Proflow Series II. Would appreciate if anyone knows of/installed other brand exhaust cutouts near Sydney or can be shipped.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to invest $ on some new rims for my '08 IS250. I'm currently running OEM 16". I'm hoping to find some 17", or preferably some 18". Thing is, I know nothing about what I should be keeping an eye out for. Any tips and advice would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys Selling: Front/Rear Shocks: Tokico HP Blue Front/Rear Springs: Tein H Tech FITS: IS250, IS350, IS250C, IS350C - 2006-2011ish years Cost about $1700 shipped to Australia. Installed January this year, driven 5000km so still very much new. Please PM me or reply here if you're interested. photos attached
  6. Up for sale is my Thule roof rack - WingBar Silver Just clearing out the garage and forgot I had these. No use for them now. They suit 2006 to 2013 Is250, is350 and F. Not sure about other models. Price: $160 Pickup: Sydney
  7. Hi., all I just lose the foglight cover on driver side, anyone have any ideas where I can get it. Check with dealer it's cost $65 and install for $99. It's just quite some money for small job.
  8. Hi, Selling axle back piece of INVIDIA performance exhaust for 2015 shape Lexus is350 and 250 only on the car for a month Selling partial mid pipe missing piece that connects to headers only on the car for about a year PM me with a price located in NSW Leppington
  9. I'm looking to spray my calipers on my IS350 F the same colour or something as close to the orange calipers on the the new F line of lexus. If anyone knows where i can get the paint or something similar please let me know as ive searched all corners of the internet with no success. It seems like its just that shade of orange is no where to be found. I might try the dealer tomorrow but not sure how much luck ill have. Pic for reference Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I own a 2006 IS250 with 150000kms on it. The dashboard and interior trimmings have started to wear down and become a bit sticky with a few marks and even a crack in some places. I'll attach some photos soon but I've read that this is a known issue for this model and also some others. In the US, it has apparently been the subject of a recall and replacement. Just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this and whether Lexus Australia will replace the interior trimmings. If not, does anyone have any suggestions? Don't really want to shell out a whole heap of money to redo the entire interior... Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, does anyone here have a grille for a 3IS F sport (2013-2016) for sale?including the chrome trim.Thanks! pic for reference
  12. Hi, I am a new member and looking to become a Lexus owner. Looking for a used IS250 - anywhere from 2007 to 2010 years. Preferably Sports Luxury model. Been doing plenty of research and looking at a few cars in Sydney. Quick question to get some thoughts from you experts here, choice between a 2007 or 08 Sports Luxury with say 150'ish Kms on it for $10-11k, or a 2010 Prestige with around 110 Kms for $13.5k. Both about the same service history - good, but not fully complete. I'm thinking the 2010 Prestige - got less features (for example no reversing camera), but better Kms and I hear that the melting dashboard issue was sorted out by the 2010 model - this right? Extra $2.5k worth it? Any thoughts?
  13. Springs in car for few weeks went with coilovers didn't suite track driving excellent for street use excellent spring titanium structure so very light selling with 45000ks old shocks springs are 2 weeks old not sure what shocks and springs are worth but the springs retail for 700 so offers above 500 for both are welcome located nsw Sydney
  14. Hi all, About a week ago, i picked up an Charcoal Grey '07 IS250 with roughly 50,000kms on it in prestine condition with a few minor flaws here and there but nothing major. As i would like to maintain and nurture this car as it is the first car i have bought, any tips on what are some imminent checks i should be doing and at where i can get cheap quality servicing within the Sydney Area? I have to replace the tyres, get a spare key made and fix the backseat armrest as it is not bolted on correctly and not functioning as it should. I also feel a slight "letting go" of the steering wheel when i am at the last part of the right turning circle. Any help would be greatly appreciated and happy to be part of the club! Please excuse the stock carsales photo - i believe they take better photos than i could haha
  15. Looking to buy an Invidia Mid Pipe for the 06-13 IS250/350, preferably used for now to save $ on forking out for brand new. Cheers!
  16. Hi I have just bought a 2007 IS250 in Canberra, 2nd owner and know little about the car and the owners community - I have looked thru this site and only found old material on a few things I am interested in at the moment so if anyone can help that would be appreciated. - any mechanics who do services etc. that you recommend- good work, reasonable price etc. - is there any meets, cruises etc. to get other opinions etc. in Canberra? - some mods, e.g initial acceleration is so so but once going mine goes well so would like to know if one anything can be done for it without breaking the bank or if it’s worthwhile? only had the car a couple of weeks and really enjoying getting to know and drive it Thanks for any suggestions
  17. Hi all new to the group, new to lexus IS ownership :) So Ive had my is250 for a very short while now and want to waste no time making it sound a little better, however besides invidias on ebay im having trouble finding exhausts and all parts for that matter that dont have ridiculous shipping costs to australia. Now i know exhuasts from america will cost a fortune regardless but Im wondering if anyone has any links or go to websites for exhuasts preferably tanabe or greddy. Better still is anyone in melbourne looking to sell an exhuast? Thanks guys all help is appreciated.
  18. Hi, For sale are aftermarket tail lights for the 2006 to 13 Lexus is250, is350 and isf. They are brand new in box and an unwanted gift. They are smoked led. SOLD
  19. All, I've observed that even on a full tank, the fuel range estimate that is provided by the on-board CPU always estimates below 500km. For example, last week on a full tank, the fuel estimate was at 480km. When the range falls below 400km, it climbs back upto 400+. Seems like the on-board CPU never provides an estimate greater than 500km and makes up for it by bumping up the estimate back above 400km when the range falls below 400km. Anybody else have had a similar problem?
  20. For sale is a genuine brand new Lexus passenger side 2011 LED DRL headlight. It suits 06 to 13 Lexus is250, is350 and isf. SOLD
  21. Hi team, up for sale are my 2.5inch inlet xforce mufflers. As these are generic mufflers they can be adapted to fit onto a stock ISF, IS350 and pretty sure IS250 exhaust. this is perfect for someone that doesn’t want a full exhaust but wants more volume from their stock exhaust. A much cheaper alternative - gives a great deep tone price: $350 firm for both postage: pick up only from Hornsby many questions let me know. ph: to be provided to winning bidder
  22. Hi All, it has been ages since we had a decent Lexus meet. It would be great to get to know each other besides behind a computer screen, discuss our cars and go for a cruise and a feed somewhere scenic - beaches way. So I’m organising a catch up for all Lexus makes and models: When: 10am Sunday 3rd December 2017 Where: Slough business park, Holker Street, Silverwater short notice - as it gets closer to Christmas, it will only get busier. I’ll have my RR Racing Performance package ISF in attendance List your cars that will be attending - look forward to getting a good bunch together. Alex
  23. I traded in my 17 year old white Commodore Executive on a Red (Vermillion) IS250. Not new but looks a treat and guess what? No rattles and goes around corners a whole lot better!
  24. Hey Lexus Fam, Hoping someone has the Filter wrench for the IS250 I can either buy or burrow. emptied out all the engine oil and couldn't get the filter out. Had one from a set I got from supercheap auto and my tools broke it lol. If someone can lend a hand or let me use their filter wrench I can get my baby back up on the road
  25. Hi all, I have a 2010 Lexus IS 250, and I recently had an issue whereby I had stopped at the traffic lights, and when I went to accelerate to take off the engine was reving its guts out. I looked down at the my speedo and I saw the car was in auto D mode, but there was number '1' showing where it shows what gear it's in - meaning the car somehow thought it was in manual mode in first gear??? After I discovered this I flicked between D and S a couple of times and the car went back to Automatic mode as it should and the car drove as per normal again. I'm not sure what control system component can cause this issue whereby it thinks it's in manual mode when it's in fact in automatic mode? Also while I'm at it, every now and then I have the battery light flash up while I'm driving. I had the nearly new battery tested by Lexus, and it all passed, so I assume the only other issue can be related to the alternator, connections to the alternator, or the wiring from the alternator. Has anyone else faced any other issues which may cause this? The car has only done just over 50,000km, and everything else is really great. Any assistance would be great - thank you all!!!
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