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Found 15 results

  1. I know it is quite a rare setup as it is relevant to a relatively limited number of Lexus cars but I was still hoping that someone might have a solution or at least could provide me with some additional info. I am an owner of a RX350 (mid 2012 -2015 model version) that comes with a 7th GEN navigation system based on HDD. It is updated via maps on a USB stick and requires a License Key input. I know how to get the key, however, I was wondering how to get the maps. I have a feeling that potentially the map files of GEN 7 and previous WHEREIS DVD operated systems look the same. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the DVD content can be put on a USB stick (and in what folder structure etc) and used in a GEN 7 navigation update. Any additional details on this situation will be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Would anybody happen to have a link to a download or torrent for current model maps for a 2is Australia? Thanks for helping!
  3. All, Is anyone even remotely interested in a group buy for the latest V23 maps? If we get enough prospective buyers, we can transfer funds to the nominated buyer's PayPal. The other option would be of course to wait until someone leaks the V23 DVD in which case old mate Bazzle would probably find it. I've made a list of all V23 packages that I could find so far; 1. navshop au - AUD295 - 2. navigationau - AUD200 - (site is kinda dodgy considering that they're not accepting PayPal. They only seem to accept a direct bank transfer). UPDATE - DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HERE. 3. eBay - AUD200 - (seller only accepts a local pick-up from Armidale unfortunately) What do all the Lexians think?
  4. HI all I was wondering if anybody can guide me how to update maps on my current model as this one does not have a separate slot for navigation dvd. I tried to look on the Manual but could not find any information. Tried google n also looked in the boot by removing the tyre & tools, still could not find a dvd system Please help.
  5. Does anyone know if and where you can buy the latest Micro SD nav? Currently running version 25-33-14 (2013-01-01). What is the latest version?
  6. We are currently looking at a Lexus IS350 X. The only concern I have is that the Navigation system seems a bit clunky and seems to not allow any changes while the car is driving which means the passenger can't make route changes or new routes except if the car is stopped. The car is a February 2013 model and I am wondering whether there is an upgrade that improves the screen image and lock out. I am comparing the system with the BMW 330D system which is just fantastic. My question are, whether there is an improved system, can you override the lock out or perhaps I am just prejudging and excellent system and that it is better than it initially looks????
  7. Hi guys, First post - looking forward to being a part of the community! I have a 2003 RX330, with nav and Mark Levinson. The nav was working fine until recently, when it started showing a completely incorrect position. I re-calibrated the position and it would work normally for a bit, but then it'd go weird again and show the wrong location. It's currently off by an entire state. I noticed that the 'GPS' icon that's normally on the display isn't there anymore, so I suspect it's not connecting to satellite. I've tried resetting by both disconnecting and replacing the battery, but no luck there. I did a diagnostic and got the error codes (sub codes): 01-DC (110-B0-1) 01-D7 (110-EF-1) 01-D6 (-00-A) 01-E3 (-00-4) 01-E0 (110-00-1) 01-DD (110-FE-6) I've attached a photo I took of this. Can anybody help decipher these codes? I've searched the net but can't seem to find an explanation.... Thanks in advance! Dimitri
  8. Hello I am really hoping that someone can help me. I imported my UK Lexus RX400h to Australia a few months ago. I am trying to get Australian maps loaded on to the navigation unit. The problem (as I understand it so please correct me if I am wrong) is that the UK uses an AISIN formatted disk and Australia uses a DENSO formatted disk. I cannot seem to find any Australian maps in the AISIN format (which would probably work) but am finding plenty in the DENSO format (which is no use to me). Has anyone encountered this problem before? If so how did you solve it? Any practical or technical advice about this issue would be highly appreciated. Thanks Andy
  9. Hi all, I have a 2012 IS and I've baulked at the price of an update from the dealer - but it seems there are alternatives. Some quick questions about updating the maps: 1. how can I confirm if a DVD update will work for me? 2. what's the method for updating it? 3. is it just a standard iso and are the online vendors reputable? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys. thinking of getting a flyaudio unit for my 08 is250. Ive read good reviews on them and they look fairly easy to install. Just wondering if any of you have any first hand experience with these units? whats the sound quality like? and the general quality of the unit like? thanks in advanced =)
  11. I have a 2001 ES300. The Sat Nav has stopped working. The warning script comes up on the screen and when I press the "I Agree" button, it goes green and beeps but nothing happens. Can anyone guide me in the right direction to solve this annoying problem?
  12. Hi all, I am unable to locate a copy of the navigation manual for my 08 RX 350. Can someone please advise where I could order one in from? I visited the local lexus dealer who advised I could order one from Toyota spare parties..went to them next door and they were unable to help.. Asked me to go back to Lexus service and order through them.. Gave up and came home.. There must be an easier way.??
  13. Hi Lexus Fam, I drive is250 2006. Recently got 75000km major service and also updated my navi (turned out I wasted $400 for nothing). BTW meanwhile I was so disappointed by the UPDATED GPS, I have wondered if I can at least watch DVD while driving. Could you please advise me how to do so. For my info, that DVD is only for either music or navigation. Your comments will help resolve my curiosity. Cheers, Bruce
  14. I am wandering whether we can upgrade the menu inteface and sat-nav just like the new interface on 2013 Lexus RX250 interface. It has a hard disk drive instead of DVD, but is that possible?