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Found 14 results

  1. For sale are Lexus RC-F option 2 wheels. Price: Sold Pickup Sydney or can organise shipping.
  2. Hi guys, looking at getting back into another Lexus. I've noticed some rcf comes with black or orange brake calipers. Are there performance difference between them or just for aesthetics. The vintage I'm looking at is 2015 and 2016. The red coloured are reserved for carbon ceramic brakes and for later models. Thanks in advance
  3. JayLexin


    Always Dry 9H LDC Pro Ceramic Coated
  4. Always Dry 9H LDC Pro Ceramic Coated
  5. Always Dry 9H LDC Pro Ceramic Coated
  6. Always Dry 9H LDC Pro Ceramic Coated
  7. I'm looking to spray my calipers on my IS350 F the same colour or something as close to the orange calipers on the the new F line of lexus. If anyone knows where i can get the paint or something similar please let me know as ive searched all corners of the internet with no success. It seems like its just that shade of orange is no where to be found. I might try the dealer tomorrow but not sure how much luck ill have. Pic for reference Thanks
  8. Hi All, it has been ages since we had a decent Lexus meet. It would be great to get to know each other besides behind a computer screen, discuss our cars and go for a cruise and a feed somewhere scenic - beaches way. So I’m organising a catch up for all Lexus makes and models: When: 10am Sunday 3rd December 2017 Where: Slough business park, Holker Street, Silverwater short notice - as it gets closer to Christmas, it will only get busier. I’ll have my RR Racing Performance package ISF in attendance List your cars that will be attending - look forward to getting a good bunch together. Alex
  9. I am now in my 9th year as a Lexus owner and have a difficult choice to make, my parents were Lexus owners for a long time also (RX300, IS200, IS300) which makes all the more difficult given the loyalty of the last 2 decades. I'll be looking to upgrade sometime in the next 12 months. In my time, I have had IS250X and now IS350 F Sport which are both great cars, but naturally, you always want or need 'more'! Power of course, in which the jump from 250 to 350 was great and good fun, it still is, but I'm starting to find that I need that next level. And this is where my problem lies. What are my options? 1 Step up to Lexus V8, 2 Turbo/Supercharge 350 or 3 change brand? 1. V8. Seems the logical choice right? The issue I have is that I am looking for a 4 door mid size saloon given I have 2 kids and need the room. This straight away puts the RC-F out of the question and I'm really not a fan anyway. I didn't like the way it drove on the track and it looks clunky and chunky and competing at that level seems out of place. It's like a short fat guy taking Lebron on in 1on1. Anyway, next is GSF? Too big for what I need and has an 'old man' stigma. Out. Next ISF? Perfect, this is an amazing car to drive and would suit my needs perfectly, but not in it's current shape. It looks old & tired and I feel would be a step backwards. I want to stay current and up to spec in my new cars. Which begs the question, will there be a next gen IS-F? I cannot find any solid information that leads to a definitive answer on if Lexus will bring this back? Sure there's a stack of rumours, articles and renderings, but nothing 'confirmed' or planned. Attn Lexus insiders (hint hint), will Lexus be bringing back the IS-F? 2. Turbo/Supercharge the 350. I've seriously thought about this and done the research and when it all comes down to it, I really don't want to be messing around too much with the internals when still in warranty etc. Plus I don't believe the gains will be what I'm after Still open for suggestions... 3. Change brand. If Lexus is not bringing back the IS-F, it will likely leave me with no choice but to look elsewhere and change brands. I have already started this process and driven the m4 (although I'd get the M3) and am looking at the C63 next week with RS4 to follow. I'll be leaning towards the Merc most likely but will do the full comparison. Unfortunately this takes away 2 decades of Lexus ownership in the family because they do not have a model that fits my needs. I really don't want to change brands. I'm probably sounding very picky, but at that budget, I'm allowed to be! So, where to from here? Let's hope there is something in the works, but in the meantime I'll keep doing my research on the Euro's.
  10. Lexus has announced that the "next Lexus F model" will debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January. (We're all expecting the next F to be known as the RC F, but that's not officially announced yet.) Press previews for the motor show start on 13 January, so I expect a live video feed of the debut on the morning of 14 January in Australian time zones. No doubt we'll see four teaser shots being released between now and 9 or 10 Janauary, when I would expect a press release will provide more details of the RC F - sorry, I mean, "the new F model". Here's the first teaser shot:
  11. I was one of the fortunate Lexus owners to attend the RC-F track day earlier this week (Tuesday / AM session). In summary, we were each presented with the opportunity to drive an ISF, RC350 F Sport & NX 300H (not sure about a Hybrid at a track day, but anyway). I personally haven't experienced a track drive before and was super excited. The NX was a waste of time, comfortable, but not suited for the track (obviously); the RC350 was a familiar ride to my IS350 FSport and was a pleasure to throw around the corners and hit 190km/h in the straight and the ISF, just wow. Next up... the RC-F. Only one lap, so had to make it count. However, in my mind, I had the words from Jeremy Clarkson in the latest episode of Top Gear shown only the day before: He says: It's really fat - weighs almost 2t A race against an M4 - the BMW just walks away. RC-F has 40 more HP, but was humiliated. Enormous weight, no good in the corners. Doesn't matter which drive mode selected, yards and yards of understeer and electronic interference "I really don't like this car, don't like the way it looks, goes, feels" What really annoys me is that I know Lexus can do SO MUCH BETTER... cue LFA So with these words in the back of my mind, I was a little weary of what to expect. Sure, I know Top Gear is heavily scripted and planned, but he does give an honest, no bulls**t approach. After all, his favourite car is a Lexus - the LFA. As mentioned, only one lap, not a huge opportunity, but from what I experienced, not a great deal of acceleration off the mark, yes a stack of understeer and felt like I was fighting the car to get it in the corner. I hit 215kph on the straight and was nice and stable at that speed. Brakes were impressive and otherwise very responsive. My verdict : Would I buy one? No, not yet. If I want a high performance V8 coupe now, i'd be shopping elsewhere. But... if Lexus was to create a lighter and more stable V8 coupe with a 'more modern' engine, then yes, I'd consider dropping $150k their way. Their competition right now is thinking about the future where Lexus more so seems to be dressing up the past.
  12. A new Lexus RC F is currently travelling around Lexus showrooms across Australia - Brisbane last week, and Sydney showrooms this week. Earlier today, I was given the opportunity to check out a pre-production RC F at Sydney City Lexus. (The model shown was built in May. Final specifications for the Australian market may differ to the one shown.) While there are already a lot of photos of the new RC F on the Internet, I wanted to show Lexus enthusiasts some parts of the vehicle in closer detail. I would also like to point out the standard features on the Australian model, so forum members can consider this when reading reviews of test drives carried out overseas (particularly the ones at the Monticello Motor Club, USA). The model shown is representative of the final RC F Carbon Edition, with carbon fibre bonnet, roof and spoiler. The standard top features a moonroof. In Australia, both are available with three different wheel variants. Interior seats are available either with alcantara trim (as shown) or semi-aniline leather. Exterior The prominent spindle grille is rather pointy, too, shunning the flat-nosed design found in many of today's cars. Five sides of the spindle are bordered by chrome trim, with the lower lip featuring a satin finish. The spoiler is partially raised here. Different modes are available; you probably know that the spoiler can be automatically raised at speeds above 80 km/h, but it can also remain lowered in ECO mode until the coupe reaches a higher speed. Michelin Pilot SuperSport tyres are fitted as standard: 255/35ZR19 at the front, and 275/35ZR19 at the rear. Even though they're rather wide tyres, they already come with that look where it appears stretched over the rims. Note the slotted discs and the rather low stance (for a stock vehicle) at the rear. The boot space is reasonable. Australian spec RC Fs will come with a tyre repair kit, although there is space for a space saver tyre if you ordered one (perhaps from overseas). As for rear headroom and legroom ... Well, I wouldn't seat anyone of any stature behind a six-foot driver, unless the driver moved the seat forward so that his or legs are noticeably bent. But would anyone buy one of these to carry around more than one passenger? Here's a picture of the lights, if you haven't already seen them on the Internet. Note the pop-up headlight washers, unlike the current model IS and new NX.
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