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Found 8 results

  1. I know it is quite a rare setup as it is relevant to a relatively limited number of Lexus cars but I was still hoping that someone might have a solution or at least could provide me with some additional info. I am an owner of a RX350 (mid 2012 -2015 model version) that comes with a 7th GEN navigation system based on HDD. It is updated via maps on a USB stick and requires a License Key input. I know how to get the key, however, I was wondering how to get the maps. I have a feeling that potentially the map files of GEN 7 and previous WHEREIS DVD operated systems look the same. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the DVD content can be put on a USB stick (and in what folder structure etc) and used in a GEN 7 navigation update. Any additional details on this situation will be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hello! I recently became the owner of the 350th. I plan to buy a head unit on Android OS, but before that I want to study in detail all the aspects, difficulties and possible consequences of such an undertaking. I have a 2013 model. Maybe someone already installed, please share your experience, I will be very grateful. What I have at the moment)
  3. 2016 RX 350 Does anyone know how to bring up the street names on the gps mapping screen. A few names appear but mostly while driving around town it shows all the streets but not named. My Landcruiser 200 series shows all the streets.
  4. Hi All, I just bought my first car , used 2008 RX350 sport luxury with 120000km on it from dealer. I don’t really know what to except but I find the ride is very bumpy and shaky especially for back seaters. I went to dealer mechanic and he said this is normal. I might probably need 2nd opinion. I am thinking of changing shocks to improve. But not very sure it will fix the issue. Any one has similar issues? 120k kms time to replace shocks? How are the replacement costs like? I except it won’t be less than $1k :( Cheer!
  5. Hi everyone, I am a new member and new owner of a 2010 Lexus RX350 Sports. I am after any towing advice anyone can give me on the car, any experiences they have had, and any issues encountered. I've learned the car had a reasonably low tow rating considering its size and engine specs, unfortunately when I searched on and I was told it had a rating on 2000 kgs. I've since been told by Lexus that it's only 1500 kgs which was fairly disappointing after putting down a $1000 deposit in the car. None the less I love the car and according to the service history and kilometers it seems to be a good deal. However I plan on towing a small camper van that weights about 1,480 kgs. I am now chasing any information about why the rating is so low...... I have read some OS reviews that suggest that it's because of the transmission ability and over heating issues. That has me worried being so close to the 1500 kg mark considering steep ascents/descents both put additional strain on transmissions. Does anyone have any advice........? Thanks, DB
  6. Hi Guys, I am thinking about buying a 2009 Lexus RX350 GGL15R Sport Luxury Sports Automatic model. Just wanted to check with current owners if their is any issue with this particular model. or something I should check in particular. Also what wud be a reasonable price for 70KM, with following extra (Bull Bar, Tow Bar, Tinted window, side steps and floor mats), cream interior color (which is a must have for me). This is my first time with lexus and to be honest I am not a car expert by any means. I wanted to upgrade due to increasing family and need more space with little bit luxury. Please advise. Thanks
  7. This topic has been posted before by another member, but I thought I might give it another go, as I really want to be able to play music through my iphone and have control through the steering wheel control buttons, so that I can drive without having to change songs manually through my i phone. Previous posts state that third party units will not work with this model, and I have confirmed this with VIAS Tech and in the USA. Does anyone have any ideas? My recently purchased RX350 Luxury Sports is a third generation model, 5th Generation Satnav. Has AUX adapter, this will play songs from my Iphone, but will not see songs through the nav system or have control through the steering buttons. A USB plug in would also be nice to charge the phone. Seeking any method of integrating the iphone, either through bluetooth or USB. Options might be, replace the stereo with a new model which has USB (Lexus dealer said it could not be done) or replace AUX point with a USB, not sure if this is possible. Unfortunately it seems a third party device will not work. Any suggestions? I won't give up on this one...... Also, I removed the stereo so that I could send a photo of the unit to the USA, now the manual controls are not working, and I have to program the stereo from the computer. Any tricks to fixing this?
  8. I have recently purchased a RX350.. Can anyone help with the reading/decoding of the Vin, model no??? i just want to no the details of this car, it's been on my mine the last few days... I love it & the more i look into it the more the models & years seem to swap.. Also is there any other i.d compliance plates other than the pass. door pillar?? Thanks..