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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, last week I went to my local mechanic and had my 2011 IS350 F-Sport serviced. A lot of you here recommended changing transmission oil so I bite the bullet and had it done. I asked the guy to do the drain and fill plus filter change. On my way home I didn't notice anything but the next morning when I was reversing out of my parking spot (mildly sloped) I was having a hard time. The car felt powerless and I heard scratchy sound that felt like the transmission is slipping. I looked it up on google and thought it might caused by low transmission fluid level as this only happens when car is cold. I'm planning to contact my mechanic and ask for his opinion however I don't know what he would say. Can I ask him to top up the fluid? But if he got it wrong the first time how can I make sure he put the correct amount of fluid in this time? Please share your thoughts, many thanks!
  2. So, I'm new to lexus ownership but, I have a 2006 is250 now and at 135000kms it still drives like new. However, as I am a new owner of this car I want to service everything to (A) get an idea of the condition of everything and (B) see how the previous owner has taken care of this car. Part of this maintenance should include the transmission. But, I now find out there is no recommended service for the transmission. So, I am curious. Who has changed their tranny fluid? And how often do you change it? And who hasn't, and how many kms are you at now?
  3. Hey everyone, I have recently purchased a first LS400 after looking at cars for quite some time. The car was bought while I was overseas by a friend of mine, and upon coming back to Australia we noticed there were a couple of things wrong with the car. Some that we knew of such as interior parts being worn, and some that were unknown to us, such as the ECU having problems with one of the tracks We have the following issues with our LS, any advice on how to tackle these would be greatly appreciated. 1. The steering wheel and gear shifter both have excessively worn leather (pic). What's the best way to tackle this? We've been trying to find a replacement shifter knob but we ran into issues with the overdrive button. Are there any places that sell knobs for a '92 LS400, and is it possible to put an US (or any LHD) stock shifter on it, or are the RHD shifters different? 2. The lighter/12V port seems to be missing (pic included). Is it possible to swap the entire unit out with a new one or would it be better to just install a new port? 3. There's a spot of rust (see pic) on the top part of the passenger side door, what's the best way to tackle this? 4. The glovebox is missing the backing part so that the ECU is easily accessible, where can we find a part like that? Tried ebay and generally looking around but it mostly seems to just be the door part. Lastly, are there any other areas of the car that are fault prone? Sorry if these are super entry-level questions but I'd rather ask and learn than stay ignorant, so any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi There! Just bought a 91 SC400 with a blown transmission - everything else on the car works fine for the time being. Looking for a relatively low kms used transmission - code : A341E Can pick up anywhere in Melbourne, Victoria. Thanks !
  5. I forgot to add as well, that i also got the techs to perform a transmission flush while I was having the bushes installed. I was noticing that the gears would sometimes flare on cold mornings soon after the car starts, and around corners. It was intermittent, but there was a definite pattern to it. I also had noticed a "clunk" when the car was shifting back to first in low speeds, in manual mode whether shifting full manual or changing by itself as you come to a rest, again in manual mode. I always thought it was odd. But then i read here: Basically after the flush and a transmission "ECU reset", all of these issues are gone. There is no easy way of flushing the transmission, and we got around it my just draining and refilling. This means there is some residue left each time because its not an entire flush. But we are getting around this by doing it a total of three times. Labor is minimal this method, and the oil is only $50 per 4 litres. Each flush takes roughly half of a oil tin, so i will do it once now, once pre track day check in Nov, then the final at the scheduled service in Feb. At this stage it appears to be a very worthwhile preventative measure, and the car now is behaving the way it would have off the show room floor. At minimum cost.
  6. hey guys just registered here having trouble with my late 05 is250 auto when its in drive on idle at the lights you can hear a deep knocking noise picture an airbox loose thats what it sounds like but coming from the centre of the car underneath the noise cant be heard from outside the car only when your sitting in it slight acceleration on stand still and you can hear it constantly car drives perfect no codes no lights nothing just that noise thats driving me insane and i cant pick anyone have any sort of idea or experience ???
  7. Hi All, I bought an 2008 IS250 2 months ago from lexus dealer in perth. The problem that I am facing is that when I change my gear from N (neutral ) to D (drive) there is a lag. ie It takes couple of sec to change from neutral to drive. Also the same happens when I change from N to R. Is it something very normal ? Or do I have a transmission issue? Should i change the transmission oil ? My car has only done only 62k. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks
  8. Hi All, I want to change the automatic transmission oil in my IS200 but I am not sure how to go about it, I have been reading a lot of different ways to do this can someone please help. I have already bought the genuine toyota T-IV oil, the strainer and gasket. If it is too hard I will pay $150 labour to have it done at the Lexus service centre.