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    • Just thought id mention it thou its probably been posted before. My mechanic said my coolant level was low and said it was due to a rubber seal on the radiator cap falling off and consequently not sealing the system. Ive read about this on a couple of overseas forums and it appears to be a common problem. Could be an easy explanation for coolant loss as opposed to something more nasty. Thou im wondering where the bit that fell off  disappeared to. Probably in the radiator somewhere, but at least its not causing any overheating issues, fingers crossed. Cheers!
    • Congrats on the purchase, they are great cars and even better sleepers as the wider community have no idea when it comes to the ISF.  Most probably assume its a 4 cyl lol.  Ive had mine for about 5 yrs now and still love driving it as much as i did when i first got it.
    • I have a series 1, and comes up as Prestige for most insurers. Sometimes, However, it is included as an option to select manually. Mine has nav, Mark levinson, sunroof, sports pedals, starfish wheels.    re2011 model, this may help:   https://www.drive.com.au/car-review/lexus-adds-x-package-to-is-250-and-rx-range-in-australia-74494.html
    • hi all, anyone keen on swapping me their standard cat back exhaust for an x force system?
    • congrats on the lexus.. love the white paint job..kinda miss my white isf awesome engine note past 4k rpm