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    • Hey all! So i've found my way here in happy/sad way. This is my story of love and my Lexus.  I've been lurking for years, learning about lexus models, dreaming of buying one and in 2014 I went and bought a 2012 IS350 sports luxury. It seems like such a strange thing to get such joy from a car, but I did. Fast forward to 2017, and I meet a girl travelling through Sydney on a work/holiday for a few weeks. It was only supposed to be a fling because she lived in Sweden. I stayed in her hotel every night she was here, she met my family and friends, and then I took her to the airport to farewell her. When she got home we started skyping, every day. For hours upon hours. We were just mates, and I wanted to be honest with her, so I told her after a few weeks that I was going on a date the next week. She told me she didn't want me to, so I cancelled it and moved to Sweden. I didn't want to sell my car, because I could have very well been back in two weeks. We both agreed that either one of us could pull the cord if it didn't work out and I'd head home, no hard feelings. I mean, I'd only known her for for a month or so and I was moving into her apartment. I didn't want to sell my car and stuff right away to only come home a few weeks later. That was 4 months ago and things are going pretty damn well, and now it's time to sell my Lexus and to go back to dreaming of buying one again.   
    • As Noodle Boy has said, Joe Z really is a no brainer when it comes to the ISF.  Its hard to discuss ISF's and exhaust in the same sentence without Joe Z entering the conversation.  Sound, quality and performance has been discussed, published many times over so its a safe bet. As for price, well thats always a subjective one.  You get what you pay for but yes it will be a bit pricey for some. I personally went with Varex as i wanted a system i could keep quiet early mornings so it suited my specific scenarios.  I know Armitryx offer the same concept exhaust but i dont think from memory they offer it for the ISF, only the GSF/RCF but could be wrong. There is the Meisterschaft that also has the electronic valve so you can quieten it down but i also remember reading somewhere that it comes with one hell of a price tag. In short, happy reading as there are several exhaust setups that you could go with and most will put a smile on your face vs the OEM exhaust :-)
    • I mean, there are a couple of options available for this car, such as a Borla or RR Racing, and I'm sure there are more. However, the Joe Z system was created in the states by a mechanic/tuner who owns an IS F and spent good time and effort in order to perfect the design and development, and many IS F owners over there were able to source the system at a reasonable price given it was manufactured locally.A lot of them began to respect and appreciate the quality of the system as well as the proven power gains, and the forums started to become inundated with suggestions of installing the said system. Given the word was being spread, us overseas owners would rather purchase and install a product which is being raved and respected due to the substantial  time and money spent on sourcing the product. Not to mention that at one stage, Lexus of Sydney and Brisbane were importing them particularly over its rival counterparts to offer to IS F owners as an aftermarket option.
    • HPS sounds the go I think. Funny you mentioned Joe Z. One of the staff at Lexus Of Perth asked me if I was going to install a Joe Z exhaust. I'm guess this is like the dux nuts of exhausts? Or the original that a lot of people installed when it first came out?
    • Thanks Spec. I love how it is so comfortable to drive. Drop the foot and it comes alive. I''m guessing an exhaust change will turn me into an 20 year old again :D
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