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  • Posts

    • No problems at all. The import agent gave me a quote for getting AU compliance and it was spot on.  
    • One thing I haven't managed to do with the ISF yet, was take it to the drags.  So when the Lexus F Owners club organised a night at WSID, it seemed like a good chance to see what the car could do. It was the first ever drag event for the club, and we had five ISFs and one RCF turn up.
      Winning means cheating, so there's no way that I was going to rock up without trying to get an advantage over the other guys 🙂  So to start with, I rolled up with just fumes in the tank, and all the engine cover plastics removed.
      The stock ecu is a bit of an overprotective mother, and it is way too keen to dial back the power to save the engine.  So the experience that everyone has with ISFs at the drags, is that the car progressively gets slower as the night progresses.  The engine bay heats up, and the insulated engine cover retains all that heat, which causes the intake air temps to rise and the ecu dials back the timing as a result.   So between runs, everyone popped the bonnet to let out the heat.
      The first run was thankfully a good one: 12.88 at 113mph.  I was hoping for a sub-13, and having that first run in the bank meant that I could relax and enjoy the rest of the event and experiment a little to improve the time.
        In the end, the approach that seemed to be best was: Sport Mode, traction off, manual shifting after one bounce off the limiter, and no brake stalling off the line.  I suspect that, like many modern cars, the ISF might have a torque limiting on a brake-stall, so stalling it up to 1500rpm on the launch seemed to actually make it bog down a little.  The best launch seemed to be to hold the car lightly on the brake with the left foot....right foot poised over the accelerator, the lift the brake and mash the throttle on the last yellow light. You'd get a little hesitation off the line, then at the 4000rpm point, the power would come in, and you'd get a little flurry of wheelspin, and I held it flat through it.
      After 4 runs, we decided to park up the cars and have a chat for a bit to let them cool down, and in the meantime it got dark and quite cool.  So that was ideal and everyone got better times after that.  My times got down a little bit more to 12.7 @ 114mph
      It was an interesting comparison against the other F cars.  Everyone had different mods, and my car might be faster in the first part of the quarter or the second half, none of the cars were exactly equal, although in the end the times were very close.  The RCF has an axleback exhaust and got down to a 13.041 @ 110mph, another ISF with headers was at about the same time as me, and the ISFs without a full catback exhaust and only an axleback, were a couple of tenths behind.  Dead stock was 13.095, so overall not a huge difference in times. I suspect the trick with getting consistent times with the ISF, is to manage the ecu.  I'd done a top engine clean (kinda like seafoam) changed the plugs and air filter, so I should have less chance of the ecu recording a misfire and dialling things back.  I'd checked the ecu with the Toyota Techstream software earlier that day, and the KCLV ("Knock Correction Learning Value") was nice and high at 21.0. I believe that's the key metric for the ecu to control power output, if the value is high, it means that the ecu is nice and content, and if the value is low, the ecu will be in overprotective mother mode, and basically will have the motor tucked up on the sofa under a blanket with chicken soup (and the power output will be potentially noticeably less). I'll do a proper post later with my findings about the ecu and what it reacts to, but I'm pretty happy with the 12.7 🙂
    • Cool - certainly a rare car in Aust. Love how feature packed these Jap cars are - its fully loaded.
    • looks great. how did you go with the engineering approval
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