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  1. Hi All, Forgot to tell everybody.....when I was test drive my car with the technician, guess what......he also identified rattling from the dash as well........WTF...... Don't know whether it will be a matter of time when the rattling happens from the sunroof :(
  2. Hi Steve, The rattle happens whenever it feels like......no matter it's day/night, warm/cool..... Few days ago, I brought the car back and demonstrated the rattle to the dealership technician....currently is in repair. I doubt if they can fix it this time.....don't know what to do.....probably ask Lexus Australia for refund or replacement....
  3. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. Bought an IS250 Pretige with roof 4 mths ago. Have been experiencing rattling issue at the back of the vehicle (rear wind screen area). The rattling happens on and off, and the noise is minimal but annoying. It makes me feel this $60+K vehicle is very fragile. I've sent the car back to the dealer more than 4 times. Last time they took out the rear windscreen, adjusted mount points and put it back. But the rattling noise still there. I don't know whether it is the same issue as ozis250 mentioned. Would ozis250 advise which dealership did you take your IS to? Thanks in advance.