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  1. I am Currently Running the KU39, and after a wet week I am Happy to say I find these Tyres great value for money, really grippy for their price range. I can not comment on how durable they will be tho.
  2. yeah agree i just have slotted for the looks thats all
  3. Im running the RDA7686D slotted, replaced back in Dec last year, so i have done around 20000 kms on these brakes and disc. might be the rotors more than the pads than, as the rotors had a big groove in the middle, and when i was braking hard i could feel a little wobble down the steering wheel, plus when in stop go traffic all i could hear was the squeaking brakes, so got the rotors machined now the wobble is gone but they are still squeaking . Thanks
  4. I know there has been alot of different post regarding brake pads. Just wanted to see if any one else has had any issues with Remsa Pads. I changed all pads to remsa SKU R120100 and R118102 they seem to be rather hard, very noise and also cut into my slotted rotters. Not to sure what i pads i want to change to now, as these pads are still very noisy after getting the rotters machined . any recommendations, I hear a lot of good things about about greenstuff, I only do normal day today driving but I do alot of city stop go driving, around 500km a week, cheers for any info thanks guys
  5. oh, I was on a tyre size calculator website. and it shows Tyre Overall Tyre Diameter 205/55R16 632 225/40R18 637 225/45R18 660 255/35R18 636 255/40R18 661 Unless the website ive been using is wrong ?
  6. I currently looking at some 18 and some 19, just waiting on a couple of places to email me back. with the 18s thinking of going 225/40R18 Front and 255/35R18 Rear. Thanks again for all the info
  7. Cheers thanks again. currently have 205/55/16 front and back just standard 2007
  8. Ok thanks heaps, so I should be looking at going small profile on the back than to keep the over all Diameter close to the same.
  9. Cheers thanks, can i ask why do people run a lower profile on the back. I seem to see alot of people running 225/35/19 front and 275/30/19 rear. is it due to the side wall ? or just looks ? Thanks again
  10. Hey Guys, I am looking at putting these on my IS250 , they stat its only a 8inch rim. i was hoping to put 225/35/19 on front and 255/35/19 on rear, what are your thoughts on if it will fit.
  11. I am getting my 90K done at Lexus Indooroopilly this week, to be honest i have been very happy with their service over the last couple years. I also would like to know what happened out of Curiosity ? or was it the price ? Cheers. Ryan
  12. Im still trying to find some wheels I like with out being over the top. Saw these on the US site and also a couple post on here. Question is will these just go straight on to a IS250 2007. I know they are going to be the OEM wheel next year on F-sports models but at moment i cant find any one in Australia that sell these in 19" , Has any one ever ordered wheel from over seas? Been reading if they invoice for lower than $1000 i shouldnt have to pay any tax's. But will be looking at $400 in delv, nearly 40% of the cost of the wheels. I have emailed Lexus in Brisbane just to see what Pricing they can do and if they can get 19In in . Any info would be grateful Cheers Ryan
  13. If you have cover just get lexus to do it, I called Suncorp they just needed me to send them the invoice and 4 days later they put the money back in my account. I have had issues with Obrien in the pass too, Lexus Indooroopilly did mine only 2 weeks ago had it back to me the same day and replaced all the clips etc too so can not even tell it was swapped. I was very pleased with Suncorp and Lexus Indooroopilly no one messed me around was quick and easy. Cheers Ryan
  14. Cheers thanks for all the Info, Just seems so much for a key. guess thats the way it is. Thanks again
  15. Yer the ones from Swell are a lot cheaper, but not sure how hard or expensive it is to program. Yer I was told around the $500 mark for a new Key from my local dealer and told the same thing 5K if I lose both so hmm. Not sure but $500 for a key seems a bit steep , IF any one has programed one them self's or had one done any info would be great. Chees