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  1. like NAHTENO said definitely bang for bucks decision. wanted to gate crash the S2k cruise on saturday to wisemen ferry and put the KU39 to the test unfortunately i rocked up as a passenger as i didnt want to be rude to such an organise cruise. but im happy to report after abit of fun cruising up the northern shore area on sunday, these tyres left a pretty big grin on my face. abit nervouse at first to punish them into the corners as i didnt know how they would play out, but once i felt comfortable with them they out performed my ER33 by a mile!! would highly recommend them if your under abit of budget. considering i got all 4 corners fitted for $730. i got quoted for the conti's sports contact 5 for $1050 fitted which was good but forking another $350 just wasnt on the table for me at the time. all and all i cant wait to test them out in wet condition. will keep you guys posted.
  2. fearful these will be my first set that i've changed so i have nothing to compare it to besides the ER33.... would of bumped it up abit more but didnt want to dip into my japan trip budget... so i had to tame the price down a little. but will definitely let you know how they handle once i wear them in. :)
  3. with some guidance... and some review reading i've decided to go with the KU39. hopefully it will serve me well with the tasks that i have installed for it. much appreciated for the prompt response and help. :)
  4. Hi guys straight to the topic im in need of a tyre change. this is for a IS 350 fsport. i was planning to just stick with the factory tyres the ER33 225/40R18 fronts 255/40R18 rears but man those fronts are expensive best quote i been getting is about 310 a pop. and i've also been told that the rears are discontinued. so overall i was thinking maybe its time to switch out all 4 x tyres. my knowledge about tyres are very limited, so please be patient with me. im quite the heavy foot driver and i attack my corners quite fast. so with some of the more veteran members i was hoping to get some feedback/ suggestions for new tyres medium --> high pricing is ok by me. JAX smithfield suggested a set of PIRELLI P1 but im quite unsure about this =\ thanks in advance for the help.
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    Hey guys my names Dollar im 26 years of age first timer never really forumed before so go easy on me =) just got my IS350 f-sport about a month ago just been reading a few things here and there in regards to upgrades and thought what place would be better then a forum full of bright and like minded individuals like yourself. havent got many pictures of my car yet but heres one i took this morning before i headed out for work. definitely looking forward in getting to know you guys. cheers.
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums Delusional :)