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  1. feeling accomplished

  2. Welcome to the Lexus forums stealth-ish :)

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  8. Sorry guys, we do not promote a non Authorised ALOC FB page for meets. I recommend adding a rolling name list, so every update will have a list of attendies.
  9. Hi Guys Due to some technical issues with our host and not being able to restore a recent back up we have suffered a little bit of data loss. This was mainly due to being set up on a new cloud infrasturcture and the back ups were not tested fully. Some of you may have experienced that we have stepped back a few days and there will be loss in topics, Posts and PM's. We apologise for any inconvinience this may have caused members, including members that registered over the last week that may need to re-register. I have taken steps to ensure that the nightly data back ups are backing up correctly in future and I have taken extra steps to ensure that this will not happen again. We have been lucky over the last 11 years that we have managed to keep the data intact, so as you can understand I am sad that a little bit of data has been lost. Sorry guys!
  10. Forum Downtime

    Many members would have noticed the forums have been down for a considerable amount of time. This was due to major technical fault with the server. The technicians worked hard to get the server back up and running as quickly as possible. However, we are not out of hot water yet. We have found another problem with the servers operating system that was related to the first issue. We are able to use the server for the moment but it will require a new reload of the operating system. So we are going to plan to do this at the weekend and expect a good 3-4 hours downtime while we reload all the data back on to the server and re-configure. We hope this will solve all the issues which have been bugging us for a number of weeks. Our future plans are to move to a much more robust infrastructure which should illuminate any future failures. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.
  11. Hi Good People

    welcome to the club Ben
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    Welcome to the club mate and enjoy the Lexus... best brand you'll ever come across :D
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  15. Just Got My Lexus!

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