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  1. there actually isnt much eps problems here in australia there are number of reasons why the EPS could fail ecu/ racking itself / fuse etc/ i have seen one car that have failed eps and we diagnosed the failure to a aftermarket HID kit that interfered with the EPS with electronic pulse
  2. no worries that narrows it down very simialr system to the 2002-2005 IS200/300 systems try another CD (where is map cd) that can be found on the later model 2nd gen IS and 3rd gen GS if that fails then it could be the Map CD reader in the boot or give it a good clean with a cd cleaner i have replaced a few on the 1st gen IS in the past few months and that seemed to work
  3. how about we start off with wat yr model your car is as theres GS300 from 2nd gen to all the way to 4th gen
  4. ilv1004s

    Electrics shutdown while driving

    it was only the nav and radio that shut off? i have had this in number of cars that i have owned even my isf usually a correcupted nav cd
  5. ilv1004s

    I couldn't believe it!

    so what is the problem that your having?
  6. do you mind showing a photo of that white interior? AFIK leuxs actually doesnt have white white interior they are more of a off whiteish colour
  7. glass on the window regulator is probably lose if you buy a 2nd hand car you dunno whats been done to it prior to your ownership door trim has to come off and then the bolts can be accessed from there
  8. with the EBC unless you upgrade your rotors to something decent DBA t2 or something i would stick with oem EBC pads on OEM rotors will not be good as they will chew through the rotors being a much harsher material
  9. nope IS350 runs bigger pads 4 pots u can get genuine pads from lexus for just over 100 AUD
  10. US versions are not compatible as they run different frequency
  11. ilv1004s

    Is300 Platinum Edition

    wow nicely done looks great now greddy front lip i presume?? any plans for engine mods?
  12. ilv1004s

    MY12 to MY13 MY differences

    please create a new topic if you guys want to discuss about clear bras and wraps please stay on the topic on this thread
  13. might be hard finding some original F sport wheels as i have hardly seen any for sale last time i saw a set was about 3 years ago
  14. ilv1004s

    Semi Slicks R Compound - What tyre pressures?

    generall you want to want to run less pressure as there is more contact patch to surface with out creating too much sidewall flex due to lack of pressure as for the psi going up as tyres produce heat and the heat expands the air in the tyres resulting in higher psi