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  1. ilv1004s

    Semi Slicks R Compound - What tyre pressures?

    generall you want to want to run less pressure as there is more contact patch to surface with out creating too much sidewall flex due to lack of pressure as for the psi going up as tyres produce heat and the heat expands the air in the tyres resulting in higher psi
  2. ilv1004s

    Semi Slicks R Compound - What tyre pressures?

    i usually drop mine down to 30 psi as tyres get hotter pressure builds up
  3. ilv1004s

    ISF 2010 (My11) external mirror connectors?

    ISF have 2 plugs as its a Sports luxury spec it is same as a 06-08 IS250 Sports or Sports luxury with auto dimming and saying that i have a silver SL mirror for sale
  4. ilv1004s

    Used Oem Parts Available

    sorry no 3is parts available at this point
  5. ilv1004s

    2007 LEXUS IS250 SAT NAV

    try a new cd first if not your up for a new satnav
  6. seen that alot of times would rather replace the bar and get it painted in the long run it gonna come back off and plastic welding will not give you the factory fitment
  7. lexus wil call us or advise us through post if we need to go for a recall
  8. plenty of box options to chose from though the gearbox prices are not cheap R154 1.5K - 2K just for the box W55-w58 1-2K add clutch and flywheel but most of all u need to a pedal set from a MT is200 and the clutch fluid resevior as well
  9. check out yumseen led australia on facebook we do alot of is250's
  10. ilv1004s

    New GS350 owner

    @ 70k kms i suggest doing a gearbox flush would have never been done
  11. ilv1004s

    New GS350 owner

    how many kms does the car have???
  12. back from the DEAD** a thread from 9 years has been revived 100k at a dealer will set u back 900-1.2K depending on what needs to be done
  13. with the boot wiring yes i do have pm me an offer