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  1. boot lid will only open as much as the hignes will allow from new the boot isnt designed to fling open when you press the button
  2. is200/300 doors/rear bumper/bonnet tail lights same different headlights xenons vs halogens (mounting points are different on the guards) fenders different F bumper different rear boot spoiler differet but boot can be interchanged in saying that Front bumper can be swapped with no mods rest you need relivant IS300 parts
  3. will be back those cars are pre 2015 designs when the before the law change Is will return as a 4th gen
  4. supply and demand really theres alot less ISF sold than any other performance 4 door except for the limited run HSVs
  5. after the engine light came on did you get a mechanic to pull some codes out? with the engine light on it would def logged a code
  6. you need a new TB should be around 150 or so used if you need a new TB i have one i can ship to melb pm me or message us through our facebook page on lexmania australia
  7. usb ony plays through files in a usb stick if you want to play music via ur phone you need to use aux cable
  8. should be sitting around the 9 and 10s remember its a 13 yr old car with 2007 tech dont comapre it with newer hybrids if thats what you are doing it was effcient for what it was in the day
  9. upgrade to some used F sport shocks shocks arent too expensive new eirther pm me if you want a quote
  10. hey welcome fellow GSF owner
  11. well its a 15 year old car now so might as well learn to live with it or just replace it with a 2nd hand part
  12. your not gonna get much real info from members here with IS with towbars hardly any one has put em on even on the older models best to consult your local lexus dealer
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