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  1. there is a diy on the internet some of the guys in the usa have done it the creak is more louder during colder weather as the metals contract
  2. yes its repairable but its crazy fiddly theres a diy from the usa guys on the net somehwere hoenstly i would just swap it out for the cost of the repair
  3. pretty sure your going to have problems opening the roof with a tow bar on the back it uses sensors to detect if its safe to open the boot or not for the roof to go up and down maybe a tow bar with a detachable attachment?
  4. buy a toms drop in filter and be done with it less blind but more effective and resuable and non oiled so it dosnt foul the maf sensor
  5. theres 4 drains on the sunroof most of the cases its windscreen havent really seen any problems with genuine lexus sunroofs having leak problems
  6. F sport intakes are currently 600-700 landed from the usa due to our *BLEEP*ty dolla another option is Toms Super ram High flow filter $150
  7. if your in sydney lexmania can fix all your problems 😄
  8. Open ram pods actually lose power on back to back runs and it is defectable it is advisable to get a highflow panel filter like toms super ram instead of open pods plus the power is consistant on back to back runs
  9. 30 mids offset front high 30s rear as for brake clearance u need to get the correct face to clear brakes if your getting SSR's
  10. 15L seems average my lc does around 17-18l per 100 but its a weekend car when i was daily a isf i used to get around 13-14