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  1. have you actually physically tried? or just saying it doesnt fit cuz its different part numbers as far as i know IS200/300/altezz RS200/AS200 is all the same
  2. we have one package available
  3. its not a sensor or anything its the secondary cats on the exhaust take it out or replace the mid pipes and youll be good
  4. the mirror itself is physically different LHD and RHD are different in glass as well
  5. best answer is go test drive one for performance maintanence is just like any toyota/lexus
  6. spare are available for 10 years after them model production is finished so 4gs was killed off in 2020 so you have untill 2030 untill parts will be made new as a minimum toyota/lexus still makes parts for older 2nd gen and even 1st gen IS as well which is now nearly 20 years old
  7. well lets start with can you post a pic of your car? front end pic plz also what grade is it?
  8. the f sport ones are 2 piece from factory if you wanted to save money and upgrade you can go DBA rotors for normal is350 and Rc350 its not 2 piece rotors but least u upgrade the rotors and go slotted oh and not metnion much cheaper at atound 200-300 per rotor
  9. the pinb is located in the centre of your spare tool kit behind a velcro cover
  10. check your cabin fiter dirty blocked cabin filter usually casues the lack of air flow
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