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  1. they used to do it but not anymore
  2. ilv1004s

    altezza tv

    jap tv and aus tv run of different frequncy you will need a set top box in it
  3. take it to lexus even though its 2months out of warranty if have seen cases where lexus warrants the car out of warranty most likely a failed EPS unit get em to diagnose the problem and if not covered by warranty get a used EPS unit from a wrecker
  4. ilv1004s

    New member with my all black exterior GSF here~

    welcome another F owner
  5. i dont think there would be many ls400 at all but celsiors yes were imported number wise i used to see around 5-6 at a time advertised but these days its hard to see even a single example more AUS LS400s
  6. also new units can be had for pretty cheap
  7. hi welcome to the forum!
  8. yeah thats where the ballast and everytrhing should be we can go through the whole car and see what needs doing pm me if you wanna book the car in
  9. yeap i gotcha i can reverse your whole car but ill have to inspect it first to see how far the previous owner has removed the wiring
  10. ok i actually got wat u said so the ballast and everything has been removed righto we can get a whole oem kit with evertything installed for much cheaper than lexus please pm me if your want to go ahead
  11. ok i think we need to get some few things straight here 3rd Gen IS250 do not run LEDs as factory so they can not be changed 3rd Gen IS250 do not run Halogens so aftermarket LED kit can not be installed is250 3rd Gen runs HID so im confused now i can fix and upgrade your headlights no worries but illl need some more info
  12. no the ouside temp sensor is just a reader located on your front reo bar they can not touch or recalibrate it with out going through some big effort
  13. ilv1004s

    Siri eyes free no available

    i dont think the early current shape RX's in aus come with apple carplay
  14. none of my cars have the lights turned on while opening just the DRLS