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  1. take it back to them the car is too relatively new to have anyone with similar issues
  2. what yr modle is your car i have a few in stock 06-08 09-10 11-13 all different
  3. installing aftermarket headers isnt too bad lexus wont touch it as they cant warrant the work and product
  4. i guess they are getting more affordable good figures still not many new gsf sold
  5. peter how do you find these infos?
  6. unless you speak to your lexus or toyota parts dealer there will be no info on it on the internet
  7. its still rolling ahead hes just been busy better wait for peter to post and share some light about it
  8. problem is getting other stuff fuel lines fuel tank cabin harness brakes hubs rear diff the list goes on theres alot more than just running gear thats different on the ISF to the normal X50s
  9. a quick google search can be done before you post C1289 Description The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module monitors the Pressure Transducer Redundant. The ABS Module sets the OBDII code when the Pressure Transducer Redundant is not to factory specifications. whoch means your ABS pump is on the way out give me a call on 0431149649 we can help you sort out your car at lexmania lucky we have a GS430 in stock to fix your problems
  10. hope this helps