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  1. a quick google search can be done before you post C1289 Description The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module monitors the Pressure Transducer Redundant. The ABS Module sets the OBDII code when the Pressure Transducer Redundant is not to factory specifications. whoch means your ABS pump is on the way out give me a call on 0431149649 we can help you sort out your car at lexmania lucky we have a GS430 in stock to fix your problems
  2. hope this helps
  3. your turn the Parking assist on there will be no sound only beeeps when you have it on or am i misunderstanding what your trying to achieve
  4. F sport do not come in the oragne they are blue more close to the flame blue colour unless your talking about the GSF orange calipers standard F sport 350 brakes are just steel grey colour with logo that is painted with a F sport logo attached to it
  5. yes i have done it and your looking at around 20K - 25K break down of cost ISF donor (10-15k) depending on damage labour around 8K
  6. Hi Danny

    What is a left rear bumper reflector for an 2011 IS350 worth please?

    Ringwood North Vic.


  7. sensors will be around 150 per piece i think it needs 8 you will need wiring for front and back parking ecu and also a beeper should have got a sports luxury i believe the prestegie in that yr model doesnt come with sensors
  8. bits and pieces what are you after pm me
  9. have you figured it out yet? you have to pull apart the whole interior to get it to it
  10. if you buy any us made headers you will have to slightly modify the area where the steering colum sits and relocate the O2 area as it hits the sterring knuckle
  11. what car are the brembos off? or is it a aftermarket kit physically the MBC wouldnt be a problem but it will be softer feel than a factory brembo equipped car IE RCF/GSF/ISF which in means more pedal travel