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  1. there will be another set coming up soon with a different technique be ready in about few weeks or so pricings and all will be updated soon
  3. product will be available through lexmania ebay and instagram etc ill update you last time i heard they were getting it all done itll be around 1K for the full not too sure if its core exchange or not
  4. abz concepts will be releasing cf trims soon for 2IS and also lip kit its due out really sooon
  5. i have a whole is300 that im wrecking that i can provide all the wiring and subframes etc
  6. yeah danny with the yellow EG back in the days and then white 32 gtr aka [[d a n n y]] good to see you on board here man
  7. booget that name sounds familiar jdmst or ozhonda and team evade days?
  8. 9 and 10s combo mid 30s front low 40s rear will give u a close to flush fitment without modding your guards wanna go anymore agressive with camber go low 30s front mid 30s rear btw a FLY regardless of streched tyres or not and offset etc your going to destroy your guard liners if you lower it even with stock height with decent rubber you will rub the inner guard liners on full lock
  9. for a is200 to 2JZ conversion better to use everything oem out of a is300 to start off with ecu and wiring and subframe etc
  10. point 3 no selling on model section please use the market place
  11. ok for starters u posted in the wrong section and now for the question your car runs xenons from factory and should be a d4s bulb where did you get the info of h7 working on your car?
  12. there are few that are done using 3IS or 4GS front bumpers also there are off the shelf kits now too
  13. ilv1004s

    Lexus Isf Novel Exhaust System

    yes i can get them? please pm for price quote
  14. ilv1004s

    2012 LED headlights

    2012 LED headlights to suit IS250/350/ISF in good condition 1900 stripped or 2300 fully loaded
  15. ilv1004s

    COILOVERS FOR 4GS , GS250, GS350, GS450h

    got pics of the coilovers?