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i saw a video on you tube a while ago some one there modified all the internal lights, and im not talking about dome and vanity ones

im talking about where the buttons are on the window switches and nav buttons

just wondering if anyone has done this b4 here im very curious ?

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console= 1206's (plcc-2's will work as well.)

radio portion= 0603

Steering wheel= plcc-2

door switches= 1206's (once again the plcc-2 will work)

this is ALOT of work and u need steady hands.. if u stuff up ones led a whole line of them will not work (because leds are hooked up in series, not parallel)

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did the Blue LED to my Vette dash and doors etc, Lex I have only done the foot well lights in blue, the rest will get done when it warms up

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