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Hi All just a quick intro and a quick hi.

Al from Melbourne. I have just picked up a 91 LS400 as a daily driver and a tow car for my ST165 Celica Gt4 race car.

Silver over Grey dark interior, best thing about the one I bought is that it has been serviced by Lexus of Melbourne for all of it's 175000km's

I'll be keeping the old girl pretty much standard for now, adding a few sound system tweaks, custom tow bar and tweaking the exhaust a little to hear a little more of the V8 note.

Although much more work is required on the race car before it's next event, loking forward to turning up at the track with the LS towing a race car....


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Found the first issue.. only had it for a few days. So my temp gauge always reads low, ie only a mm or so from the bottom. Heater is working fine and pretty quick so thermastat appears to be functioning, and no (overheating smell) having raced cars that do overheat easy, very familiar with that smell!

So, pretty sure either the sensor as crapped itself, or an issue at the dash end. Installing an engine watchdog.. as I intend on towing with it eventually having an audible temp alarm is always a good thing.

So next Saturday.. the install list....

Engine watchdog

Standalone bluetooth kit

Aux input to factory Head Unit

Replace the factory sub with a pair of 10"s

Thankfully I have a good mate who is helping out who runs his own car audio business, and has helped me with all sorts of stuff from looms for aftermarket ECU's, building boost controllers.

Will be very interesting to have a look at the temps it is running at.

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