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Really Stuffed Ls400

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Hi i have just bought my self a 1990 lexus ls400 but its running really rough really rich throwing code 24 (iat) to my knowlage its part of the maf so i replaced maf and no change but under heavy accelaration its fine after about 3,000rpm but starts jerking at idle. Could a bad coolant temp sensor cause this but im not throwing a code but live dignostics is showing car at -25degrees celcius wtf?? I just picked up 8 new denso plugs for the old girl but it i think the problem lies somewhere else thanks

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Well i replaced the plugs leads and sensor $600 later runs a bit better still a bit rich no more misfiring etc but she has just been broken into by some low lifes and forced the bonnet open and disconnected the horn but never made it into thr car i tried to start it but she just keeps Cranking over and not firing up i reset the factory alarm system and imobilser and to my suprise she still wont start i checked all my fuses and reset the ecu but still nothing im hoping the didnt cut wires or something but its midnight and im out Country with no lights or anything and im thinking they must have known what they were doing i managed to get outside as i saw my lights flashing and they took off in a light colored dual cab holden rodeo ute so beware

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