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Thinking Of Buying An Ls400?

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Hey guys

so today whilst buying a car for a friend, a fella had a ls400 sitting out the front of his house.

no compliance tags on it, no rego no nothing.

had a quick look at it, tan leather interior is in mint condition, engine is said to have 100,000km on it.

exterior is abit, err filthy but thats no issue as im a car detailer anyway

the issue i have is.

the engine wont start, it starts for a few seconds then dies. can hear it priming, but cant hear the fuel pump fire up.

secondly, without the motor running, i cant tell if any of the bags are blown or not.

thirdly, it needs to be complied.

the fella said i can take it for 1k just to get it off his hands.

so my question is, what could be causing the fuel pump to not fire up? i've heard there's an ecu issue with certain ls models? something to do with a relay/ecu issue for the fuel pump?

what would it cost to get this baby complied?

compliance will be done in SA.

thanks in advance :)

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