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Hi guys!

i've got a major problem! hope someone out there is able to help me!

i got my is200 some time ago, recently my pioneer unit started to give problems, and finally, 1 fine day it just died on me... therefore, i decided to fit the original Lexus head unit back in... BUT the previous installer snipped the connectors away! i went to Parts and Service hoping to get one but they didn't have it!

therefore i was thinking to solder them wire by wire... to do that, i need a wiring diagram! does anyone happened to know where i might lay my hands on it? there's a little amp too, all connectors are missing... i went to many different audio shops and they can't do it for me! HELP! no music no life!


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Rang lexus service dept and unfortunately they are unwilling to devulge that kind of information out. they did put me in contact with a third party installer that do their installations ....conversations with him seam to indicate a really expensive job.

Thanks anyway.

Not njoyridin too much now...I'm a bad singer and only know a few songs too!

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