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Is200 With High Ks A Good Idea?

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Hi everyone,

I am looking at purchasing a second hand IS200 that has about 260K on the clock. Of course everything depends on the current condition, and I am yet to organise a full inspection, but can anyone give me an idea of the upcoming services it will need? I'm guessing that the 300K is a big one? eg second timing belt etc.

Also, what are your thoughts on IS200s with high ks?

Any information that might give me a better idea about the servicing I can expect would be a great help : )


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Things to look out for:

1) Valve stem seals - get someone to start a COLD engine while you look at the exhaust smoke. Does it blow a puff of black smoke which clears after a few seconds? If so then the valve stem seals are gone. Be aware if the seller has "warmed up the engine for you" before you arrive.

2) Ball joints - they wear out. When worn they will make a very loud squeaking noise when turning the streering wheel. If critical your wheel could potentially fall off!

3) Brakes - make sure the calipers haven't seized up.

4) Clutch + flywheel - these have a tendency to shudder on take off. Excessive shudder indicates abuse.

5) Power steering pump, water pump - make sure they're not leaking.

6) Rocker cover gasket - make sure it's not leaking oil. You may need to remove some of the engine covers to see this.

7) Shock absorbers - make sure they're not worn. Oily or wet looking shocks are dead.

8) Stereo - these CD decks are known to fail and pull and ERROR 3 code.

9) Electrical - make sure your heated seats + heated mirrors work.

As with all cars make sure you check the oil to ensure it's not creamy (blown head gasket) and coolant (factory coolant is RED).


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