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Hi there,

Has anyone out there converted their LX470 to gas/dual fuel? I have a 2003 model am toying with the idea as its becoming expensive to run and just wanting to know where they put the gas tank? as i don't want to put the spare tyre on the back door, any problems any one has had in doing this and a rough guideline price of what it would cost to do. I have been told about $5000.00 to convert. Also has has anyone had success in getting better fuel economy with any products available. I use premium fuel only and i Average about 15ltrs/100km depending on whose driving as the wife averages about 16.5lts/100km(you make your own conclusion). Cheers Wade

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I put gas on my lx470 the mob that fitted it did a crap job & I was told the best I would get is 4to5k's per lt of gas. it is the vapour injection type

spare tyre is in the carport, I carry puncture goo and 12v compressor and put the spare in the back on trips

tank is under the back 95lt and no sub tank. gas filler in with fuel filler.

I now have a fuel mixture issue to sort out that is making gas and petrol run extreamly rich. 2k's per ltr of gas at the moment.

fitting cost with gov rebate was $4,500.00 it feels good to fillup with cheap gas but you really need to be doing big k's to get your value.

I am still finding out things like you need these real dear arse plugs to with stand the extra heat of the gas

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