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Buying 96 Ls400...maybe

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I'm looking buying a 96 ls400, it is about to hit 300k and needs a new timing belt, front windscreen is cracked, needs new bonnet struts, suspension in front left creaks, cd stacker doesn't work...any idea how much this will all cost...I got the windscreen priced at $900...owner want $5500... Apart from these issues it still feels great to drive...is this a bad investment?

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<p>G'day .... That's big money for the screen, mine cost $350 fitted here in WA. Car doesn't sound expensive to me. I have 2 a ucf10 and a 20. Mileage is reasonable for price and age of car.

As a comparison look on Gumtree (Perth) I have my 94/5 UCF20 advertised (same car as one you are looking at with none of the problems you mention. Needs couple of stonechip touch ups and new lumbar switch on drivers seat.</p>

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Agree Bacchus,

Screen anything from 250-500, Creaky suspension can prob be fixed with a bit of lube spray, (dry bushes), bonnet struts you can get re-gassed mileage brings it in at approx 17000kms per year, which is still below average most people travel a year (20,000) approx.

CD stacker you will prob find in a U.S wrecker, couple hundred bucks!

Timing belt parts you can get from Repco, but get a timing belt kit, comes with tensioner and pulleys. I would also be doing the waterpump whilst your there at that sort of mileage.

Hope this helps


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