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Hi all,

just looking at ordering these from north miami lexus, and they say it doesnt have fog lights build in them? is this true that US dont have fogs? or they dont know that it has the fogs in it?

pls let me know so i go ahead with ordering or not

thanks :)


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Hey there,

From what I've read before on US forums, they don't have rear fogs as such but when the stalk is turned to first position, all the bulbs come on including the inner two bulbs closest to the number plate which over here are the rear fogs.

You can try to source them locally, e.g. I was quoted $1800 for the rear tail lights on a 2011 f sport from a wrecker.

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It's personal preference me thinks.

I had no use for rear fog lights and don't have them atm. Though I never use front fogs either.

i'd go for the isf lights, they look nice.

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