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New Ct200H Owner


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Hi all,

Just picked up a white pearl ct200h.

Went from a 200kw+ Golf hatch to this 100kw monster so here's crossing fingers i wont grow too old waiting for the redline....

Anyhow, first impressions are that it's a pleasant city drive and none too offensive to other drivers. Had first major oops moment last night when i couldn't figure out why the lowbeams were so dim and the centre console was so dark...turn the lights on dufus (was running on drls). Speaking of lowbeams, anyone know of a good HID kit to get? The OEM lowbeams remind me of the light given out of my old corolla from the early 90's....

Looking forward to more adventures in our new household appliance.


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Dear Jack,

You might be pleasantly surprised by the performance. I think they go better after even a few hundred kilometres. Out on the open road, I've never found the CT lacking, much to the amazement of a few Falcodores and others. Good luck with your new car. I love my Flame Blue F Sport.

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