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Is300 Gps Screen

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Hey guys,

Essentially what I want to do is to take the top air vent in centre dash of my is200 and replace with the gps mounting screen system from the is300 but instead of a gps, i want to use it as a DVD screen to hook up an older xbox360 through. Is the gps screen that the mount comes with able to have RCA input's including video? Or do i need the mount and replace the screen? Any help would be really appreciated guys!



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Don't think the GPS screen came with RCA inputs, so you might have to replace the screen. Try looking in the USA, Europe and New Zealand as the factory GPS rarely come up for sale.

The GPS was available in the IS200s as well(as an optional extra). I own a 2003 IS300 Sports, with no GPS. I was just going to put a double din headunit with RCA ports in to replace the huge factory stereo.

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Thanks, I kinda just want it for the wank factor. i have already replaced the standard stereo with a sony double din HU which looks pretty nice, but sick of having a blank spot above those top air vents.

I have found a few GPS mounting's which might be the best bet and just replacing the navigation with an aftermarket screen. Do you happen to know the specs of what sort of screen I could replace it with, like would a standard aftermarket double din 7inch touch screen work or is the factory navi screen it's own unique size?

Sorry about all the questions, just want to get it right without spending unnecessary dollars.

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The Japanese version has support for video-in, I don't believe the AU/UK/etc versions do.

From memory the screens are different depending on location also, I think the US is more a 4:3 format and the AU is 16:9 (kind-of). Not sure what the Japanese screen looks like.

Your best option would probably be eBay UK or US for the mechanism, and then fit a suitable aftermarket screen (some ppl have used aftermarket GPS systems with touchscreens to replace the factory console-controlled GPS).

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You cant use the existing screen to hook into your dvd player/console.

find a 7" screen, remove old motorised screen from is300 and make it fit your new screen.

Advantages are;

you get to hide the monitor when not in use, + show off when it comes up!


ive never done this, and imagine that the motor is some how tied to the screen, so some electronics may be required to seperate and make it work...



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