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Looking to replace the stock xenon lowbeams in my 2007 is250 sports with White ones.

does anyone know a reputable place to buy online?

Correct me if I'm wrong, the low beam in the sports models are H11 D4S bulbs

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Not 100% sure if you are getting confused or not, but....

xenons are already white. Halogens have a yellowish beam.

D4S are xenon type bulbs. H11 are halogen type bulbs.

With that info, care to update what you are after?

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okay to clarify, my is250 2007 sports im pretty sure has the hid/xenon kit in the headlamps.

that said, the bulb i'm talking about is the outer ones.

the one behind that big lens.

the low beam.

not the high beam (already replaced that one)

So that said perhaps I've mistaken what the stock factory ones are?

What are they?

What I want is to replace them with white output ones.

Philips I heard is good

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What you're after is D4S xenon bulbs. 4300K for white output. 6000k has a tinge of blue. Although 6000K looks more white when it hits objects.

You can try ijdmtoy, kbcarstuff etc. ebay has heaps of fake phillips btw.

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i got a '07 IS250 Sports aswell. all sports models come with stock 4300k xenons. D4S.

found some 6000k D4S bulbs on ebay, i need to replace mine soon aswell

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I was told by a philips dealer o/s that they actually don't make anything other than factory style bulbs for xenon (4300k)

There are plenty of fakes around.

Anyone care to confirm?

I've read it was the higher kelvin they didn't produce due to regulations ie 8000K

But seems there are 6000K philips d4s.

kbcarstuff is pretty popular on the us forums , see here

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