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3x Cheap Laptops For Sale- P4 2.8ghz


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I have 3 Dell Inspiron 5150 laptops from ym children who used it in University last year and they are now not using it anymore so I want to sell them.

I was thinking about $1000 each which is pretty good for a P4 which still has 1 year warranty left on it. I am willing to use our business to add an extra one month warranty on the goods condition.

The specifications are as follows:

P4 2.8ghz

1Ghz Ram

15.1" Screen

DVD Writer

Floppy Disk

60 GB Hard drive

256 Meg graphics card...radeon.

Carry Case

Network card


Each have Dell factory warranty until November 2006.

PM Me if interested...if you take the lot it'll be cheaper of course.

Oh forgot to mention thats 1000 or nearest offer...I mean if you are a struggling parents...student or something I would understand you may not be able to afford that much but yeah...I'm just saying...I'm open to offers.


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