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Comfortable Shocks And Springs

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Hi all

I got my car up on a hoist yesterday to my 60,000KM service.

Couldn't help but notice the front driver side shock was weeping

I'm in search of new shocks and springs, with only comfort in mind.

The car is a daily cruiser, and it'll never see a track or Auto-X

Could anyone recommend a nice, smooth and comfortable combination of shocks and springs?

I've driven an Accord Euro with KYB-GR2's + Tein S-Techs

I liked the dampening, but not the rebound on the setup

A nice set of coilovers are currently out of budget.



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how did you go with this? My 99 IS200 is needing a suspension overhaul as well (Im experiencing quite a bit of knocks and sharp bumps now, it comes in both noise and feel) last time i had it serviced the mechanic recommended i deal with it within 6 months.

Im not sure if its just shocks that would need doing or more?

any thoughts?


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thanks left kidney.

I dont drive my car hard (its a 99 model with about 80,000 klm on it!) so im only interested in getting back to being what it was, id obvioulsy be keen for a little better, but not keen to sink a lot of dollars into doing it. its just my daily driver.

thanks again

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