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Altezza Gita - Which One?

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Hi All,

I'm a Auckland newbie here and am in the market for a car to replace my 86 BMW 325.

I've decided that the Altezza Gita (wagon) will be that car. Now the questions begin.

I want to get as new a car as I can afford, so were there any significant changes/updates that I need to know about - eg is a post Aug 2002 model much better than a 2001?

2 or 3 litre? Price probably dictates the 2 but:

What are the advantages/disadvantages of each (the car will be left standard - no mods planned). Are they all BEAMS? I'm assuming they are all 6 cylinder?

Auto or manual - I definitely favour the manual. Any traps?

When did traction control become standard equipment?

What about airbags - believe it went from 2 to 6 around 2002 or was that just the Lexus?

Do any particular colours "wear" better than others? - the car will be living outside.

That'll probably do for a first post (I've been trolling through the old posts so I hope none of these questions have been gone over too many times before)

Thanks in advance


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Hi All,

Thanks for all your replies :(

Just got my new car - 2003 AS200 Gita 6-speed done 11 000km in Dark Green Mica.

Drove it up from Christchurch to Auckland over the weekend and am reasonably impressed. Not as punchy or grunty as my old BMW, but man it's smooth. Got caught by the rev limiter a couple of times whilst overtaking (at the speed limit of course....;))

Other first impressions are generally good. Solidly built, no rattles, pretty neutral handling and a great looker.

Been reading up about the Japanese nav system.....not especially worried about GPS, but would like to be able to translate some of other features. I've been having a play and I see there are phone/stereo/ maintenence pages etc. Anyone worked out what it all means? A plug in "translation chip" would be nice!! Anyone got a translation of the buttons on the centre console (between the seats)



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