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Need Help In Springs And Struts Here!

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Hello To All Lexus Fans

I already bought 19 inch G.MAX wheels for my 99 IS200 and my car had been lowered to its fullest using stocked struts with low or super low King Springs.

(In other words, I can't go any lower unless I change the struts)

However, I spent nearly $450 aud just to lower my car and don't think i want it to go to waste so i ask for assistance please what springs should I purchase to make my guards go over my 19 Inch wheels by 1 inch without buying new struts !

If impossible without new struts then please tell me what kind of Struts/springs I should purchase. THANK YOU TRUTHFULLY

My LIVE Experiment !

RESULT: with 17 inch wheels stock struts with 30mm-35mm low or super low King springs.

REAR- 1.5 inch off guard

FRONT- 1 inch off guard

My LIVE Experiment 2 !

RESULT: with 19 inch wheels stock struts with 30mm-35mm low or super low King springs.

REAR-0.7 inch off guard

FRONT-0.5 inch off guard

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