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Need Urgent Help With My Toyota Celsior

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Okay so here's the deal. I bought a used Toyota celsior and it had almost all of the problems associated with the car happening at the same time. The person that

last had the car had changed the suspension and wheels so that problem has been solved. However there are other common problems with this car and as this is a project and I am a poor student i need help to get this beautiful car back on the road. Mainly the parts I need to source are the power steering hose fittings. When I bought the car to a wof station for the first time it failed and I knew it would I just wanted to know what was wrong with the car so I could start sourcing parts for it.

The power steering part that i need is the hose/fitting the goes from the pump to the steering rack. The hose thats in there is all right I really only need the metal piece inside it and the hard rubber bit the slides over the metal piece. If anyone out there can help it would be much appreciated and of course if you can't quite understand me tell me and i'll try to give a better explanation.


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I think I still have the one off a Toyota Celsior I am breaking for parts, I am out of UK for a couple of weeks so you may find one more locally but if not send me a PM and I will gladly post it to you if you pay the postage cost, the hose you can have for free.

That would be wonderful...what would you want for postage and how do you want to me pay...you can email me a jonoman14@gmail.com and give me details and i could do an internet transfer...my address is 40 Camberwell Pl, Avonhead, Christchurch, 8042, New Zealand.
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