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Is300 Suspension Overhaul / Modification

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I recently picked up an IS300. The car is crabbing, wandering and generally all over the shop handling-wise and has notice-able toe-in when braking hard. I'm fairly sure the suspension bushes need replacing & i have decided to completely replace all the Arms & Linkages; and if possible get harder compound rubber bushings; i.e. TRD units.

I went to the Site < ww.trdparts.jp/english/list_altezza.html > and noticed that all the listed bushings are for the SXE10, GXE10 < IS200 > versions only. There is even a TRD Link set for the XE10 versions; which I'd jump on if it was IS300 compatible.

Cross-referencing IS200 Vs IS300 in ToyoDIY I see that the part numbers for all the components listed in the TRD linkset are identical between IS200 / 300; so why are the TRD bushes & complete arms only listed for SXE10 / GXE10????

TRD also used to Offer a Sportivo Kit for the IS300 < now discontinued > but that included Springs / Shocks / Sway bars only; not uprated Arms / Bushings.

Am I missing something? Is there another Site that lists TRD gear for the IS series cars?

Is TRD my only option? I.e. do any other manufacturers make uprated rubber bushings for the IS300?

Edit: I was advised by s/one on another Forum that FIGS in the USA make bushings for the IS300. I have had a look & they seem a quality product; only thing is they're Polyurethane and from experience* they can be a bit harsh sometimes (and yes I know it also depends on the Duro rating).

* I have a street / track Corolla that I've put Superpro bushings on & I'm thinking of reverting to OEM at the back because of the amount of drumming / high frequency vibration being caused by shock loads through the control arms. I can sort of live with this in the Corolla but would not be prepared to live with it in a daily driven IS300.


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Hey mate

GXE10 = Lexus IS200 the "G" is for the 1GFE engine in the IS200

SXE10 = Toyota Altezza the "S" is for the 3SGE Beams engine in the Altezza

If you are looking at TRD parts in the Japan site always try for the Altezza or SXE10

Try Superpro here mate might have better luck with them and more support if you even need it.

There is an Altezza forum with a guy, Nick, who works at North Shore Toyota in New Zealand. Very helpful guy and he is also a dealer of TRD, Cusco and other JDM goodies.

Good luck.

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