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Imported Ls430 From Europe - Sat Nav Won't Work In Nz

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Hi Guys,

Need some help. Just imported a wonderful LS430, low mileage, Full LSH and radar cruise!

Does anyone have any good ideas on how I might get my sat nav to work on my LS430 from Europe, without replacing the DVD player in the boot (and does that work?) I tried loading an NZ disc after ejecting the european one, but the display just said it couldn't read the disc!


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Quick update on this issue.

Good news, I have got it sorted!

The Lexus techies around the world weren't able to give me a definitive solution, but....

I found out the Lexus did supply NZ new Sc430 with sat nav that worked from 2005.

I thought if I could find an owner and swop DVD drives it might work.

Issues were, would the connectors work as the UK DVD is an AISIN Unit part number 86841-50100, whereas the AUS/NZ

Unit is a DENSO unit part number 86841-33070.

And would the head unit recognise the new part!

Well, after a month of searching I found one Sc430 owner with sat nav and she was willing to let me do it.

As you've guessed, it powered up and initialised, showed NZ on the screen rather than Europe, and all worked functionally!

Trouble is - a new part cost me NZ$3,800 at current exchange rates And that's after a huge discount!

It's a shame that Lexus weren't able to tell that this would work- well it does!!


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Quick update,

The new DVD box is installed and it's working brilliantly!


The unit includes all the Australian states too!

So, if I bring he car over to OZ, it'll be at home there too!


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