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We Are New On Fb And Twitter But We've Been Around Awhile :)

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Hello my fellow Lexus owners! My name is Jake and i drive a 2004 IS200, My boss drives a LS460 (lucky duck)

Did any of you make it to CARnivale in Sydney on Australia day?

It was an amazingly successful day with Premiere Barry O'Farrel dropping by to say hello. CARnivale was organised through Supercar d'Elegance the events company. www.supercardelegance.com.au which i work for, Also known as Supercar2013 on FB and @Supercar2013 on Twitter.

If you made it out there that day no doubt you would have seen the star attraction? A beautiful Blue Lexus LFA just outside Auto Salon d'Elegances marquee.

We (Supercar2013) have some exciting events coming up this year and I am looking for suggestions for some new events as well, so please feel free to hit our FB page (and while you are there) CHECK out and share our new PICTURES and VIDEO'S from our CARnivale Car Show at the weekend, and of course i'd appreciate it if you hit the "like" button on the page too. www.facebook.com/Supercar2013dElegance

If you did make it to the CARnivale event you may have seen at the top of Macquarie Street a marquee set up by Autosalon d'Elegance who are a boutique salon who's specialty is detailing and pampering only cars of class including Bentley's Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Lexus, Ferrari, Aston Martin etc. Check them out here http://www.autosalondelegance.com.au They are the kind of place you take your baby when you have a chip or a scratch or simply want to rejuvenate the interior or exterior to make it all brand new again.

Of course if you have or have had an accident there is only one place to take your Lexus and that is to the Lexus (and other Supercar brand) approved repairer www.currans.com.au

Well i'm really happy to be apart of this club and will be here on the forum regularly to chat with you guys! :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask away!

Also if you need any services from any of those guys just tell them "Jake from Twitter" sent you and they WILL look after you on the prices ;)


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