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Hi From Adelaide


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Yeah Ive got a 1990 LS400 that Ive only just gotten, fairly stock atm, really good condition, 160,000kms, Its dark green in colour (nearly black), limo tint, got lots of gadgets n stuff including aftermarket suspension controller (which ive yet to get working properly).. Looking to put some sweet wheels on it soon, as its still on the factory Toyota ones (Its an imported JDM celsior), and to fix the blacked out a/c LCD :D

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Spent about the first 3 days or so that I owned it off the road cause I had the front of the motor pulled right apart fixing the timing belt and doing all the front seals (cams n crank), runs excellent now, got the car really cheap because it was running like a pos when I got it (like it was running on 4 cylinders)

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